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28 января  2021 г. 03:54


A welded tube is developed through roll forming whitening strips or sheets of s / s into a tube shape then welding the seam longitudinally. Welded tube can be accomplished either by warm forming and cold being created processes. Of the two, cold forming results in smoother finishesand tighter tolerances. Nonetheless, each method creates the durable, strong, steel television that resists corrosion. The seam can always be left beaded or it may be further worked by cold rolling and forging procedures. The welded tube can also be drawn similar to seamless tube to produce a finer weld seam using better surface finishes along with tighter tolerances.

Those finished, after cold rolling, simply by heat treatment, pickling or other equivalent treatment not only that by cold rolling to given appropriate luster. Health care equipment, Food industry, Building material, Kitchen utensils.

Individuals processed with bright temperature treatment after cold in business. Kitchen utensils, Electric apparatus, Building construction.

Those finished by polishing devoid of. 100 to No. 120 abrasives given in JIS R6001.

House utensils, Building construction.

Those finished polishing in order to give continuous polishing streaks by using abrasive of suitable feed size.

The surface accomplished by heat treatment as well as pickling or processes corresponding there to after very hot rolling.

Chemical tank, water pipe.

Packaging & Transportation

 Every round welded steel pipe is sleeved with plastic bag individually, and many tubes are packed

 to be bundle without any emblem. also pack as buyer requirement

 Our promise

 We all insist " quality first, reputation foremost "If you've got any problem please feel free to make contact with us! We primose to service you using the best product of one of the most reasonbale, all the time frame, offer our best service.


 Nondestructive test (NDT): Eddy existing test (ET), X-ray check (RT) Hydraulic pressure analyze

 Physical and chemical test out for raw material plus finished Products Surface analyze:

Outlook, Length, Outer diameter, Oval and straightness, Top quality of weld-seam.


 stainless steel tube


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