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26 января  2021 г. 10:37

people screening

Persons screening catagory are our metal detection systems which will check humanbody to find metal treats including chef knives, guns, metal explosives and so on. All products including a regular kinds of walk-through steel detectors(WTMD), also named archway shiny detectors or door figure metal detectors(DFMD), hand kept metal detectors, and mini wave body scanners or anything else. This kind of body security inspection solution are key in transportation systems similar to airports, railways and metro, professional buildings like shopping department stores etc for security inspection.

In different places the requirement for different levels of security inspection, people maily choose the walk-through steel detectors by 6 recognition zones, 24 zones, THIRTY-THREE zones and 45 zones etc.

Walk-through metal detectors include the most common human system security inspection products that happen to be widely applied in almost all airports, customs, government establishments, high security facilities for instance 5 stars hotels, major shoping mall, factories as well as shools etc.

The biggest point in choosing walk-through metal detectors (WTMD), also named archway steel detectors or door frame metal detectors(DFMD) would be the detection zones. We source the walk-though metal detectors by basic 6 zones, common 24 zones, middle leve THIRTY-THREE zones and high degree 45 zones gates.

Almost any question when choosing your model, please contact our online consultance or leave meaning or email us to have professional advices.

Hand held metal detectors are traditional in any security checkpoint if anyone is screening, it is the basic and cost effective human body screening merchandise. High sensitivity and effortless operation.

If you include any question, Please call us for more details.

Microwave body scanner is also the new technology humanbody safety measures inspection systems. These body scanner can show the human body images when passengers overlook the scanner. We use Terahertz wave, an electromagnetic wave using a wavelength between infrared and also microwave. It has strong penetrability that will easily penetrate clothing.

Passive way is that body naturely generate these kinds of wave pass through clothes and detected through the system. Scanner analysis the result and show images to choose the threats. Another way, productive kind, is the machine to create Terahertz wave to penetrate body and detected by system and show body iamges.

Thermal imaging systems are designed and produced for coronavirus deal with. We use thermal imager cameras to collect the group people body temperature, analysis and report in your software system to indicate all real time body temperatures, alarm for the high temperature of those with light and sound. Make record of most alarmed person. All inspection process are automatically done without any touching.

This is a protection solution which already prevailed in China for coronavirus control inside following area:

1-Transportation systems including airports, railways, metros, terrain transportation;

Public transportation is the places where a handful of passengers get together and be near each others. It can also be the places where the particular coronavirus spread easily. We need to use the thermal imaging systems to test all passengers forehead heat in group without touching people no stoping the human page views. High temperature sound in addition to light alarm makes the inspection process easier than testing body temperature one by one.

2-Education systems including instruction management offices, schools;

Several kindergarten, shools, universities and their administration offices are closed to stop the coronavirus spread. Once the shools as well as offices reopen the speedy temperature measure solution must be provided as a stability solution. Consider the students and teachers must be in shool in time every day, the fast temperature checking should be applied, or there will often be heavy traffic infront on the gates.

3-Government offices;

Government offices are closed gradually due to the coronavirus, while for necessary management on the whole country or neighborhood states, government offices can not be closed totally. No touching temperature measurement solution needs to be provided, for the key persons who're working under danger.

4-Commercial homes including factories, companies, accommodations, banks ect.

After the coronavirus issue is under control, all the commercial orgnizations will returning to normal work, while all people get together again, which is the risk of coronavirus dispersing. In this way, the commercial buidling security department and the management board should obtain the thermal imaging systems for group people temperature measurement to see the potential virus carrier, and manage the medical isolation in period.

We provide different leveles of thermal imaging security treatments for customers needs beneath different budget. We supply high level, middle degree, standard levels solutions. Each and every solution mainly including energy camera, EI software, and optional parts including black bodies which is used for high level precision calibration. Generally the systems are different in the thermal camcorders with different thermal imaging promises.

The main features from the thermal imaging systems focuse for the following:

1-No touching entire body temperature measuring

 2-Group persons pass without stop

 3-Sound as well as light alarm for large temperature person

 4-Data management system to acquire records

 5-High accuracy calculating with real time phone numbers of temperatures.

6-Self setting with the alarm temperature.

7-Easy operation for virtually any junior operators.

8-Easy movement and installations for almost any public places

 For more details along with products catalogs please send email by E-mail sales@eastimage. com. cn

 Trust our solution might be helpful for the worldwide people.




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