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26 января  2021 г. 09:46

X ray baggage scanner

Most inexpensive 5030A Single Energy Protection X-ray Machine and Fat & Luggage Scanner - Biggest Manufacturer with tremendous quality

 AT5030A X-ray Baggage scanner is really a new type of stability inspection equipment that utilizes X-ray to penetrate plus check baggage and packages without unpacking examination. It's applicable for security bank checks on briefcases, parcels, convey mail, hand luggage, as well as small parcels in govt agencies, transportation, logistics, legal courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exposure halls, and entertainment spots etc.

AT5030A belongs into the Linux product family, and that is totally designed and manufacturer by our very own company. Every year, we invest a large amount of labors and resources in the introduction of new technology and types. We own all your copyrights and patents, on the outlook design to the actual software. Safeway system is the market leader and one of the very few companies in China who is able to creat the new things besides COPY.

Product highlights

 * Linux function system


 * Digital camera signal and processor

 * Continous 6-pack abs for 10000 hours

 * Electricity saving design

 * Excessive penetration

 * Good high quality images


 Comprehensive authority: First all-digital security inspection machine of China: Through signal detection to impression display, all signals will be transmitted and processed digitally, with strong anti-interference ability and offer high-definition scanned image

 Unique technique: With embedded Linux operating system, multi-core ARM, the system comes with a simple architecture, low energy consumption, energy saving and you'll do, meanwhile it has any real-time status monitoring function to help keep abreast of the machine work process.

Safety and you'll do: The equipment meets protection and environmental standards.

Stable and reliable: The production process is strictly controlled in accordance with the IS09001 quality supervision system. Through rigorous high-low heat experiments, wet heat studies and vibration experiments, it can be certified that the product runs continuously to get more than 10, 000 time without failure.

Equipment Performs

 Imaging process functions: Color/BW, Nearby Enhancement, Super Enhancement connected with High Penetrating Power, Enhancer of low Penetrating Strength, Super Enhancement, Negative, Brightening, Darkening, Gray-Level search within, Zoom in and away, Previous/Next.

System functions: Power-on self-test, multi-level customer management, image management, WORD OF ADVICE management, curve diagnosis, keyboard verdict, device information query, multi-format picture export, OSD operation job, image mirroring, 1-16 instances continuous magnification, magnifying tumbler, Operator training, accurate placement of package images, clear channel reminders, remote surgery software, one-button shutdown, as well as intelligent roller engine (optional).


X ray baggage scanner


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