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26 января  2021 г. 09:35



1. Disposable Device demands No Maintenance, Charging or perhaps Refilling

 2. Compact, Gentle, and Portable

 3. As much as 300+ puffs per throw-away, approximately equivalent to A SINGLE pack of cigarettes

 SOME. Pre-charged, Simply puff within the device to activate

 5 VARIOUS. Color customization available

 Concerning US

 Masonvap is an expert manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, has been concentrating in OEM and ODM assistance of e-cigarette products. With excellent control system, lean output management, and superior system designs, especially in silk cotton coil, Mason Vap gained good reputation and from now on is well known when cotton coil structure expert on the market.

Why chose us?

*We supply an array of vape devices, especially Pod Devices, CBD products, Dry Hurb items, etc. All of these are in accordance with CE, RoHS, TPD recognition. We manufacture products determined by user needs, experiences along with feedbacks. We have too long experience in the Electric atomizer industry, strong capability in R&D and operations, and we have cooperated along with many famous International Electronic cigarette brands.

*We have two factories with a dust-free workshop area connected with nearly 12, 000 sq meters, with a thoroughly integrated quality management system, which includes: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, GMP, or anything else..

*We have 7 labs: Natural Material Lab, Function Testing center, Sampling Monitoring Lab, RoHS Analysis Lab, Ingredients Analysis Testing center, Environment Lab, Transportation Simulation Testing center.

Currently we own 115 test out equipment, over 500 medical tests, cover from raw stuff chosen, prototype, IQC, generation, delivery, etc

 The new CNAS degree lab was ready afre the wedding of 2019, its test items could cover the majority of the Ecig safety researches and tests required by different countries' regulations, as well as China, USA, etc

 *We are building an entirely Process Information Management Process, which will transfer pattern, incoming material, manufacture, delivery processes into data tips, and through collection and analysis of these data, it will help us to optimize generation process, and ensure our products and solutions are manufactured with quality standard than the community.

*We have a comprehensive quality control system. By product design, material choice, design review, sample proof, trial production to muscle mass fast production, quality control runs through the entire process to make sure product quality

 Masonvap pursues progress with technology innovation, aims to fulfill customer with good excellent, and offers flexible cooperation methods, such as OEM, ODM, our final goal is always to help our customers to win the industrial market and end users. Our only and forever pursuit is usually to make premium products, serve the client with whole-heart, and give on schedule.


 QUEEN: Can I order small quantity for test initial?

-A: Yes, we offer very flexible MOQ to suit your needs always.

Q: Can I put my company logo on the product?

-A: Of course, we provide with OEM support but have MOQ regarding different items.

Q: How could i place a order?

-A: Kindly Reveal which models, what color&quantity you require, or any other requirments and we will return to you soonest we can.

Q: Delivery time?

-A: * 1). Small sample within 1-2 days.

* 2). OEM ONE month after receiving your own sample confirmation.

* 3). ODM 3-4 several weeks.


Disposable ecig


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