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26 января  2021 г. 08:26

custom bus

Education bus signal lights, halting arm, softened seats along with partitions, rear wall protection doors, first-aid kits in the bus are all accessible.

In addition, features just like fire-resistant and flame-retardant indoor, exceeds the safety style of national standard conditions, which make the children's school road safer.

WE. High-strength steel is specially adapted to match with dense and controlled skeleton structure, whose quality is beyond the average level of the business. And this gold combo will effectively alleviate the extrusion deformation attributable to vehicle collision and defend the safety of college children.

II. Body with immersion pickling, phosphating along with electrophoresis technology, completely solve the skeleton with the anti-corrosion ability. Using high coating coupled with low temperature baking method, body paint strong and durable.

III. Customized safety Safety protection

 Environmentally friendly materials are adopted inside bus to reduce air pollution, prevent fires and protect this of school children. In addition to that, the safety protection can also be improved from structure to be able to details. The students' seat is equipped with a safety buckle to circumvent children from falling through play. Besides, the huge back seat design, this children's favorite pattern etc.,fully meet the ergonomic design on the children, while ensuring safe practices, it also meets the comfort riding requests.

IV. STOP sign and forewarning light,Striking yellow

 School bus warning lights are actually used to maintain highway safety. When warning easy is flashing, all the cars around might be alert, knowing that the varsity bus is nearby. And other drivers will slow affordable or stop their vehicle until the school bus leaves. The body color is striking yellow meaning the warning and attention in the traffic sign. Cooperating by using other body's all-round alert devices, it meets the warning standards from the special school bus. The particular driving safety is significantly improved.

V. Monitoring technique, security protection

 The full vehicle monitoring system (front front door on-board camera, in-vehicle surveillance camera, 360-degree panoramic view system) monitors the leading and rear of the particular bus inside and outside the house.

VI. Fire extinguisher, Safety hammer will assist escape

 The school bus has two fire extinguishers for a standard, dry powder hearth extinguisher or foam shoot extinguisher, which are used to prevent various types regarding fires. Windows of the college bus are enclosed type to avoid children from falling around when playing within the bus. And there is a safety hammer close to each window which can be used to smash the window to be able to escape under emergency.

VII. AB MUSCLES, also known as anti-lock brake program, ensures that each wheel brake incorporates a constant and consistent brake clearance, making the brakes with the vehicle more sensitive, sensible and effective, and shortening that braking time.


custom bus


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