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15 января  2021 г. 10:33

Makers custom-made large-scale sun-shading

Producers custom-made large-scale sun-shading in addition to rain-proofing outdoor temporary professional activities at Oktoberfest. Aluminum tents are indispensable backyard sun-shading and rain-proof cellular buildings in outdoor weight training. During the hot summer months months, drinking beer and barbecue is definitely an essential outdoor activity a good at home. People want to have a very drink in a secure, cool and comfortable atmosphere. Manufacturers custom-made large-scale sun-shielding as well as rain-proof aluminum alloy tents for temporary outdoor commercial routines at Oktoberfest, which is an indispensable temporary constructing for Oktoberfest. Manufacturers personalized large-scale sun-shielding and rain-proofing Oktoberfest outdoor temporary commercial activities aluminum tents are convenient, beautiful, and comfortable. They have welcomed more friends from around the globe for the Oktoberfest, and as well added a strong color into the successful Oktoberfest. One cerebrovascular event. Manufacturers custom-made large-scale sunshade plus rain-proof aluminum alloy tents pertaining to temporary outdoor commercial exercising during Oktoberfest have gradually become the first choice for outdoor hobbies. Compared with traditional household activities, manufacturers custom-made large-scale sun-shielding and also rain-proofing and aluminum metal tents for temporary out of doors commercial activities at Oktoberfest usually are not restricted by venue and weather, and are favored by virtually all event organizers. Manufacturers customized large-scale sunshade in addition to rain-proof Oktoberfest outdoor non permanent commercial activities aluminum tents are widely used in various outdoor sessions, brand auto shows, big furniture exhibitions, product fairs, business tours, outdoor short-term exhibition halls, Oktoberfests, etc.



In order to meet various activity needs of plenty of customers, Dongguan Liping Professional Co.,Ltd. provides manufacturers with customized large-scale sunshade in addition to rainproof outdoor temporary commercial activities at Oktoberfest. Light weight aluminum tent rental, sales in addition to customization, personalized fashion elements pertaining to various activities Add a nice style to make case scene more magnificent.


Limited by the weaknesses of the common fixed building approval process and the long construction period, progressively more companies are beginning to favor the rapid development of temporary large-scale cell phone logistics storage tents inside the choice of logistics hard drive locations. In addition to saving a group of operating costs, the tent function can be customized according to the specific needs of the undertaking. The 20M-span outdoor short-lived large-scale mobile logistics safe-keeping personalized tent provided simply by Dongguan Liping Industrial Company.,Ltd. has unparalleled structural positive aspects: interchangeable structural parts, unlimited extension or shortening with the span. Taking advantage of the advantage, companies can completely commonly choose the construction web page and make full utilization of every space.

The 20M-span outdoor temporary large-scale mobile logistics safe-keeping personalized tent can truly be built whenever you want, extended at any moment, and moved at any time. When its functions will be fully utilized, it is usually quickly disassembled and rebuilt throughout another place, or the span is often extended in situ to receive more space for usage. The main structure of an 20M-span outdoor temporary large-scale mobile logistics storage personalized tent can be assembled from high-strength light weight aluminum alloy and PVC tarpaulin. Your material is lightweight, easy to transport, fast within construction, and short within cycle. The selected materials is often recycled, Which greatly reduces pollution towards environment. The use time of any 20M-span outdoor temporary large-scale cell logistics storage personalized tent ranges from many months to several years. Based on the actual needs involving enterprises, Dongguan Liping Business Co.,Ltd. can provide one-stop supporting facilities solutions for instance windows, air conditioners, harrow fans, lighting lamps, drainage systems, and anti-collision columns for customers to choose from.



The 20M-span outdoor short-term large-scale mobile logistics storage personalized tent is targeted on safety and practicability, and can withstand loads of climatic conditions. It has been deeply applied in a group of industries and solved the condition of factory transition and relocation in the period of strategic shift..




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