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13 января  2021 г. 06:58

You'll find two types: open kind and closed type

You will discover two types: open type and closed type. According to the installation method, it may be divided into hanging type and desktop type. The particular electromagnetic vibrating feeder provides simple structure, convenient procedure, no need for lubrication, as well as low power consumption; it can evenly adjust the quantity of ore; therefore, it is widely used. Generally utilized for loose materials. As outlined by the performance requirements from the equipment, the pressure in the material on the tank need to be minimized during the configuration style. According to the requirements on the manufacturer, the effective discharge from the warehouse material shall not be in excess of one-fourth of the reservoir width, and the material flow rate will be controlled at 6-18m/min. For materials which includes a large feed volume, a block board connected with sufficient height should be installed at the end of the silo; if you wish not to affect the performance on the feeder, the block board can not be fixed on this tank. [1]

 The electromagnetic vibration feeder is principally divided into linear trough reciprocating kind (referred to as immediately trough type) magnetic vibration feeder basic structure from the structure

 Two types, spin out of control trough twisting type (disc sort for short), their working principles are basically similar. The straight trough type is usually used for feeding powder and granular materials that usually do not require directional finishing, or an operating machine familiar with clean, screen, dry, warm or cool the resources; the disc type is normally used for materials which require directional finishing The feeding material is mostly used in the transfer of materials with a certain shape and size. The structure is proven in Figure 1, and that is mainly composed of your trough, an electromagnetic exciter, plus a shock absorber. The exciter is composed of an electromagnet (iron key and coil), an armature, including a main vibration spring installed between the two. It is the excitation source for vibration. The work belonging to the exciter can be controlled by way of certain control device.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder can be a relatively complete elastic program with two-point directional obligated vibration. The entire system works inside a low critical resonance point out. The electromagnetic exciter is especially used to drive your tank to reciprocate and vibrate in a certain inclination to move the material over the tank..Figure 2 (a) indicates the working principle from the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The material 2 lies on the feeding reservoir body 1 supported by the main vibration spring THREE, the armature 4 is of the main vibration spring in the tank body in general, and the coil 6 is wound around the iron core 5. Since one-way pulsating current after half-wave rectification flows over the coil, the electromagnet yields the corresponding pulse electromagnetic drive (Figure 2(b)). In the positive half cycle with the alternating current, the pulsating current flows throughout the coil, generating a pulsating electromagnetic interest between the iron core and the armature, which causes the trough body to transfer backward, and the main spring on the exciter deforms and stores potential energy; in your negative half cycle, There isn't any current through the coil, this electromagnetic force disappears, and the armature separates from this electromagnet under the action with the spring force, so how the trough moves forward, so that the trough continuously vibrates backwards and forwards at the frequency with the AC power supply. 1) The electrical control belonging to the electromagnetic vibrating feeder adopts a half-wave rectifier circuit, which can adjust the feeding amount of money steplessly, and can be found in the automatic control production process to appreciate the automation of the particular production process.

2) Simply no rotating parts, no lubrication, uncomplicated structure and convenient repair.

3) The material belonging to the electromagnetic vibration feeder is micro-throwing motion, and that trough wear is tiny.

4) The electromagnetic vibrating feeder implement a trough made regarding suitable plates, which is suitable for conveying materials having severe high temperature put on and corrosiveness.

(1) Electromagnetic vibrating feeders usually are installed in suspension. The boom really should be installed on a composition with sufficient rigidity. So that they can reduce the lateral swing in the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, the suspension boom really should be opened about 10° outward. For large feeders, to be able to facilitate maintenance and replacement on the trough, a movable carriage also needs to be provided.

(2) The electromagnetic moving feeder should be installed in general. Generally, disassembly is not allowed, and any rigid accessories may not be allowed to be consolidated about the machine. When installing, leave the specific space around the equipment to stop collision with other apparatus during work. Generally, the minimum space within the length direction is 50 mm plus the width direction is 25 mm.

(3) The tank body in the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is usually installed horizontally or tilted. Its feeding capacity is proportional on the downward tilt angle, but too large the downward tilt angle can easily cause the fabric to flow by itself in fact it is difficult to ensure the feeding accuracy. Therefore, it must be determined whether to tilt further up, downward, or horizontally in line with the nature of this material.

(4) After installment, the feeder should be within a horizontal state to avert the material from shifting to at least one side when the feeder can be working, and ensure that fastening bolts are agency and tight.

1) Often check the feeding trough amplitude and also coil current, and look into whether the sound of the machine is normal. If the sound all of a sudden becomes louder or it has an impact sound, analyze the fact that doctors carefully and stop the cutter immediately.

(2) The air distance between the iron core and the armature must be balanced whenever they want. Check whether the bolts are loose and no matter whether the gap is normal presenting notice. If the plate early spring tightening bolts are shed or the plate originate breaks, the air gap somewhere between the iron core and the armature changes. Or impression, deal with it right away.

(3) Frequently check if the hoisting device is usually loose. If the hoisting machine is loose, the four corners on the electromagnetic vibration feeder might be unbalanced, which will have an effect on the feeding quality, so it should be tightened right away.

(4) The sealing cover of the vibrator must be covered to stop dust from entering, obstructing the gap between the leaf springs, and cleaning the dust accumulation in the sealing cover frequently.

Like a feeding device before fine crushing, generally disc feeders are key in raw material mashing process systems. However, that disc feeder has concentrated material drop points, extreme wear, more material leakage, and heavy maintenance investment in the later stage, which additionally brings great difficulties in order to environmental governance. Based on my years of experience, the use regarding electromagnetic vibration feeder is more stable. Taking into account the special places the location where the raw material is crushed along with the material is dusty, your closed GZF type can be more suitable. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder has the examples below characteristics:

(1) Strong vibration plus high efficiency;

(2) Fewer power consumption per great deal of material;

(3) Possibly feeding and simple surgery;

(4) Simple structure, good and durable, convenient plus quick maintenance;

(5) Steady and reliable, low disturbance, long life, stable vibration pattern.

Relatively speaking, the production cost belonging to the disc feeder is greater than that of this electromagnetic vibration feeder, along with the maintenance amount is likewise greater. In the natural material crushing process, the electromagnetic vibrating feeder develops slowly due to the impact of the on-site performing environment, investment environment and raw material properties. When using the continuous deepening of industry fine management work, the necessary paperwork of electromagnetic vibrating feeder in the raw material crushing process carries a broad space. Compared while using disk feeder, the application case associated with electromagnetic vibrating feeder has higher efficiency and more stable performance, which tremendously improves the working surroundings and reduces the following investment.




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