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6 января  2021 г. 05:03

Today, the industry is made.

Today, the industry is made. No matter what sorts of machine equipment, fitness apparatus, furniture, etc.,There usually are almost structural steel conduits and oil pipes pertaining to oil, gas, fluid infusion, and they occupy key position in fitness tools. The large number connected with various tube types and their complex forms own brought many difficulties to the processing of catheters.

: Safety precautions for tube bender operation

- Steel bending machine operating treatments

- Regularization of pipe bender

Safety precautions with regard to tube bender operation
YOU. When the machine instrument is started, be careful to never enter the swept range in the rotating arm.
2. Should the machine tool is being employed, all personnel are prohibited from entering the area swept by the boom plus pipe bender fittings!
3. The hydraulic system of the roller bending machine instrument adopts YA-N32 ordinary hydraulic gas (formerly No. 20), which need to be replaced once a year under normal circumstances, and the oil filtration must be cleaned as well.
4. When adjusting the machine tool (mold), the adjuster should press the button to help adjust. Never make adjustments by one person on the machine and the other to the control cabinet.
5. The core rod really should be removed when adjusting the equipment tool or driving a great empty car.
6. The pressure belonging to the hydraulic system should not be a lot more than 14 Mpa.
7. When manually adjusting the velocity of the side force cylinder, the rotating arm need to be adjusted when it is actually rotated to ≥900. The adjustment speed is synchronized with the linear speed of exploding of the rotating elbow mildew. It is forbidden to push the side pushing faster than the distinct the edge of the rotating mold within the manual state. speed.
8. After using the general machine for a period of time, check the tightness of the chain to keep the upper and lower chains stretched.
9. During automatic operation within the core bending mode, prior to a pipe bending arm earnings, the operator must be sure that the core head is in the tube, or make sure that the core shaft is not really blocked when the twisting arm returns, otherwise, the core head or core rod could possibly be Bend or break.
EIGHT. After the work has expired, cut off the electric power supply and do a superb job of cleaning as well as lubricating.
Steel bending machine operating procedures
1. The machine tool must be well grounded, and the wire shall not be under 4mm2 copper soft cable. It is not allowed to connect to a power supply voltage exceeding the specified range, plug-ins can not possibly be plugged in and out from the plug when power is on, and the control circuit cannot be tested with a megohm meter, otherwise these devices may be damaged.
A COUPLE OF. When plugging and unplugging this connector, do not pull the actual wire or cable to stop the welding from tugging off.
3. Proximity goes, encoders, etc. cannot often be hit by hard items.
4. Do not hit the display unit together with sharp objects..
5. The electrical box needs to be placed in a ventilated spot, and it is forbidden to figure in dust and corrosive gas.
6. It is not allowed to install or alter the PC input and output terminals without agreement.
7. When changing the facility supply of the unit tool, the motor rotation direction have to be reconfirmed.
8. The roller bending machine tool need to be kept clean, and special attention ought to be paid to that there ought to be no foreign matter in the sliding grooves such since clamping blocks and slipping blocks.
9. Lubricate the chain along with other sliding parts regularly.
12. The power must always be disconnected during cleaning in addition to maintenance.
11. Preparation just before driving: Check whether the oil a higher standard the fuel tank actually gets to the oil level tier, add oil to just about every lubrication point, turn about the machine to confirm the rotation belonging to the motor, check the fat pump for abnormal seem, and check whether the hydraulic technique are leaking after turning to the machine (the angle encoder isn't allowed Come on);
16. Pressure adjustment: use electromagnetic overflow control device to adjust the pressure to make sure that the system pressure reaches necessary working pressure, generally not more than 12. 5 Mpa.
13. Mold adjustment: mold installation requires mould and clamping block for being centered, clamping block is usually adjusted with bolts; the booster block is centered with mold, booster block is usually adjustable; core head will be centered with mold, loosen core head frame Bolt, tighten the bolt after modifying the center.
Regularization with pipe bender
When developing and arranging pipe benders, stay clear of excessively large arcs, human judgements curves, compound bends and in excess of 180. The arc. The excessively large arc not just makes the tooling huge, but also is limited by size of the pipe bender: the design of arbitrary curves and compound bending is quite unreasonable, which greatly stops mechanization and automated creation, making it difficult for operators to reduce heavy manual labor; Higher than 180. The arc makes the particular steel bending machine struggles to unload the mold.
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