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23 декабря 2020 г. 08:20

Surgeons frequent have stepped into working rooms wearing their medical cap

Surgeons frequent have stepped into working rooms wearing their medical cap a cuddle covering that ties in back and also comes in standard-issue blue or numerous personalized designs. Do you already know why they wear sterile caps?

This article contains this particular:

What is protective limit

 Why wear a clean cap?

The material of protective cap

 Do protective caps might be worn for long time frame?

1, What is sterile cap

 The surgical cap is designed to prevent the hair in the operator from falling into the operating room during your operation and contaminate the sterile environment on the operating room. Most belonging to the existing protective caps are usually disposable surgical caps, which are mostly made of non-woven fabric. When the caps tend to be worn, the folded protective caps are unfolded very first, and then the brim covers leading and back hairlines along with the ears on both sides to circumvent hair from leaking.

A COUPLE OF, Why wear a protecting cap?

Even clean, recently washed hair could be contaminated with lots of bacteria. The surgical cap minimizes the danger of hair falling in the sterile area during the procedure. Before the end of the operation, make sure all hair is covered by surgical cap!

The disposable protective cap cut from a non-woven cap assures the safety of dirt particles, and since this is a disposable product, it would not spread any disease. It may be used in places with dust particles to stop soiling the head.

3, The material of protecting cap

 Most surgical caps are disposable products. The particular material is non-woven leather, which is light, soft, waterproof, breathable, non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial, compound resistant, and environmentally warm and friendly. And the material is usually dense, dustproof, antibacterial, vomit and blood will not be easy to penetrate. Cheap, safe, sanitary and user-friendly and uncomplicated. However, through practice, it is often found that non-woven fabrics have got a disadvantage: poor breathability and no sweat absorption. In healthcare use, the surgeon sweats to the forehead. The sweat besides affects the vision belonging to the surgeon, but once it drops into the operating table, it also enhances the infection rate of the particular surgical site.

Therefore, a lot of innovative surgical caps have been derived, which can stop sweat from falling, and while doing so ensure that the surgeon's head is dry as well as breathable, and improve the doctor's comfort over the operation.

4, Do protective caps is usually worn for long time period?

Since it is considered to be disposable, it must not be worn for an extended time. Generally, the materials for disposable products have a very problem of aging. If this is the non-woven fabric, it will automatically degrade inside the air and become powder in quite a long time. If it is plastic and rubber, it could melt with temperature along with oxygen. These chemical processes will produce substances which have been bad for the skin, so it is best to not use it for a long period.


Vench has a variety protective caps based on your need. Please call us today when you need.



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