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18 декабря 2020 г. 06:30

Is there a future forecast for carbon dioxide extraction machine?

Is there a future forecast for carbon dioxide extraction machine?
Co2 extraction machine is widely used in all areas in the market. So what is usually its future of carbon extraction machine? This article will introduce the future forecast for co2 removal machine.
The following understanding points are listed below:
Application of co2 extraction machine
Co2 extraction machine is required for the production involving natural flavor and pigment.
Practical application cases of co2 extraction machine
Future application probability of co2 extraction equipment
1. Application of carbon dioxide extraction machine
Co2 extraction machine is required for decaffeination of tea and coffee beans in the meal industry. Defatted food; Extraction of hop active substances; Extraction of plant pigments; Removal of plant and canine oils. Co2 extraction machine is needed to refine enzymes and vitamins inside pharmaceutical industry. Extraction involving medicinal ingredients from facilities and animals; Concentration along with refinement of pharmaceutical natural materials; The separation of carbohydrate and protein as well as separation and refinement connected with dissolvent fat compounds. Co2 extraction machine is required for extraction of organic perfume in cosmetic sector. Separation and refinement of synthetic spices; Extraction in addition to refinement of cosmetic live materials.
2. Co2 extraction machine is employed for the production connected with natural flavor and pigment.
The chief raw materials for the particular production of natural spices by co2 extraction machines are flowers, fruit skins, etc. The main products are essential oils, and other flavor substances could be extracted, such as allicin and allicin in garlic. Gingerol throughout ginger; Piperine in pepper and also capsaicin in capsicum. Orange essential oil with strong flavor had been obtained at 70% along with 8. 3mpa by supercritical substance extraction with co2 removal machine. Lemon balm gas and carvone were segregated from coriander seeds by way of supercritical fluid extraction together with co2 extraction machine.
A FEW. Application cases of carbon dioxide is hot extraction machine:
Celery seeds were ground by co2 extraction machine, and and then vegetable oil was taken by supercritical co2. Thyme appeared to be extracted by co2 extraction machine with supercritical co2. Zhang li et al. extracted essential oil coming from mothflower with co2 extraction machine as well as the aroma was similar to that particular of flowers. Takahiko sampler used carbon dioxide extraction machine to extract fennel oil along at the extraction pressure of 30MPa in addition to temperature of 40 ℃, and obtained two types of products containing fat and also oil through two collection separator. Jiang mei et al studied the essential oil of lychee stem with co2 extraction device. The co2 extraction machine may isolate natural pigments. Sunlight qingjie extracted lycopene out of tomatoes at pressure l5-25mpa, temp 40-50%, flow rate 20kg/h, removal time l ~ 2h, tomato skin a lot more than 90% tomato red pigment is usually extracted. The extraction amount of hexane was 75% ~ 80%, though that of co2 extraction machine was 90%. Comichenin and carotene in seaweed can be used by co2 extraction machines. Ge yiqiang, ni yuanying et al studied the consequences of different pretreatment disorders (water content and penetration of pulverization) on the removal of natural vitamin AT THE from wheat embryo through the use of wheat germ as that experimental material of supercritical h2o extraction. The results showed how the suitable pretreatment conditions for your extraction of natural health food E from wheat inspiring seed by co2 extraction appliance were the moisture content material of wheat germ has been 5. 1% and the material size was 30 mesh / 2. 54cm.
5. Future application prospect involving co2 extraction machine
China is rich throughout resources and co2 extraction machine has an array of applications. Many can often be processed by co2 removal machine, such as ginkgo biloba, sea food oil, lecithin, sea-buckthorn essential oil, ligusticum chuanxiong, etc. Vigorously execute this aspect of homework, can obtain very higher economic benefit. The application of co2 extraction unit, in addition to a smaller amount environmental pollution, simple operations, low temperature, time-saving, plus improved yield, can also obtain many different components that cannot become obtained by conventional solutions. Co2 extraction machine also provides the best method for the removal and separation of chemical components of Chinese medicinal materials. It is believed that with all the increasing attention to environmental protection and also the requirement of the natural age, the supercritical fluid technology will promote their further development and utilising.

All in all, the near future of co2 extraction equipment application is bright. If you need co2 extraction machine, please reply.
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