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17 декабря 2020 г. 04:57

Will be good cylinder lock?

Will be good cylinder lock? A SINGLE. Europe standard size in addition to quality

 2. High quality brass core

 3. Excessive anti-theft performance

 Degol cylinder lock can certainly print marksmanagement functions and also color boxes which in making your products more skilled

 C-level cylinder lock primary principle

 The c-class anti-theft door lock is a new type of technological know-how that adopts multiple anti-theft technologies a lot of integrated design and creation of bullets and incisor structures The class anti-theft door lock cylinder is equipped with a side-inward pressing aspect column bayonet device, which largely eliminates the possibility of violent force opening on the lock. lt is the most reliable door lock with anti-theft performance on the market.

Is the c-level lock cylinder better than the b-level lock cylinder?

Anti-theft locks are divided into three levels: A, B, and super B. The C-class country has not established a standard. The C-class lock cylinders currently on the market are actuallysuper-B blade locks. In fact, the B-level lock cylinder is flat or crescent-shaped, and there are two rows of concave keyways or cylindrical multi-point concave keyholes on one or both sides. This is thesuper B level lock cylinder and the C level lock cylinder. The dfference! There are different styles, varieties, grades, brands, etc. of anti-theft locks on the market. The grade can bejudged from the surface of the key. The keys of the A-grade anti-theft door locks are parallel, with only single- sided single-row bullet slots, and B-grade anti-theft. The anti-theft

 performance of the door lock is much higher than that of the A-class anti-theft door lock, with a row of curved and irregular lines on the key surface. The super b-class anti-theft doorlock adopts double-row plus curve on the key structure, which has better anti-theft performance. The c-class anti-theft door lock has much more anti-theft performance than thesuper b-class anti-theft door lock.

Anti-theft door cylinder is basically divided into three levels, namely, A-class, B-class, super B-class. Among them, A-level lock core of the anti-destructive opening time is greater than15 minutes, anti-technical open time is greater than 1 minute. B-class lock core of the anti-destructive opening time is greater than 30 minutes, anti-technical open time is greaterthan 5 minutes. And ultra-B-level anti-theft door lock core of the technical opening time is greater than 4 hours.

purchase and daily maintenance knowledgeL ock maintenance:

ONE. Do not get the lock in the rain. Flushing, because there is a small spring inside, it will rust and fail;

TWO. When the key is not easy to insert or withdraw, spray some light lubricating oil, (such as w40)3. Some locks cannot be refueled, (rarely) such as the locks with mother-and-child beads;

5. When the door lock does not open or close, spray some lubricating oil on the diagonal tongue;

5. Automatic lock (three-stage. four-stage. five-stage) should have some slight gaps and not too tight, (for example, the door needs to be opened by hand when unlocking) the lock iseasy to break;

6TH. The door gap should not be too big, it is easy to be opened and shaking;

7. The anti-theft door has a lattice type, and the anti-theft wire extends into the diagonal lock handle of the automatic lock to pull the door open;

SEVEN. Don't use the key to open the door directly, turn the key to open the door lock, and pull the key to open the door without returning to the original position. The lock will soonprotest and say goodbye to you.



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