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4 декабря 2020 г. 06:43

Foamed metal aluminum is usually a porous metal material.

Intro to aluminum metal foam

 Foamed metal aluminum is usually a porous metal material. The foamed aluminum after foaming is 8 times the degree of traditional aluminum profiles. It could efficiently save non-ferrous metal resources and make logical use. It has fine development prospects. The air permeability associated with foamed metal aluminum is very high. Almost all of which are connected pores and also the specific surface area belonging to the pores. Large, the bulk density with the material is small. Foamed aluminum metal can be used in the manufacture regarding purification, filtration, catalytic assistance, electrodes and other equipment in petrochemical, aerospace, in addition to environmental protection. Compared with the general sintered porous shiny, the metal material containing foamed pores incorporates a higher porosity and a larger pore size, up to be able to 7 mm. Since foamed metal is really a two-phase composite material consisting of a continuous phase of the metal matrix framework as well as a dispersed or continuous stage of pores, its properties count on the metal matrix, porosity plus pore structure used, so are affected by the planning process. Generally, the mechanical properties associated with foam metal decrease while using increase of porosity, and also its electrical conductivity and also thermal conductivity also lessen exponentially. When the sheet metal foam is under demand, the force-receiving area increases from the collapse of the pores as well as the material strain hardening consequence makes the metal foam include excellent impact energy assimilation characteristics.


Application fields regarding aluminum metal foam

 A SINGLE. Electrode material. The excellent electrical conductivity allows aluminum foam to be widely used as electrode platform materials for new batteries such as nickel-zinc batteries and energy double-layer capacitors. At found, aluminum foam has been tested by many nickel-zinc battery manufacturers and place into mass use. At the same time, foamed aluminum is supposed to be popularized and applied as a possible electrode current collector to get electric double-layer capacitors; moreover, foamed aluminum has quite a broad prospect as a strong electrode material for electrolytic addiction recovery of aluminum-containing wastewater.

ONLY TWO. catalyst. In many natural chemical reactions, people aim to directly use foamed aluminum with a large specific surface community to replace punched aluminum like a catalyst for chemical typical reactions; Foamed aluminum as your photocatalytic air purification carrier has also been successfully applied.

THREE. Thermally conductive material. Foamed light weight aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, turning it into a flame-retardant material along with excellent performance. It has become used in many sophisticated fire-fighting equipment abroad, especially as a flame isolation device using excellent effects; in accessory, people use the excellent thermal conductivity of foamed light weight aluminum And apparent permeability, made into heat dissipation components for motors and electric appliances.

4. Noise lessening and shielding materials. The sound waves are diffusely reflected about the surface of the foamed metal, and through the key points of expansion silencing and also microporous silencing, the outcome of silencing is attained; the shielding performance of aluminum is near to that of silver, and it is an excellent electromagnetic protecting material.

5. filter substance. Aluminum foam products, which have excellent structural characteristics and they are basically harmless to the body, have also been productively used as medical filter materials; at the exact same time, foam aluminum incorporates a good future in the required forms of water purification products.

6. Fluid pressure load material. The dispersion and padding effect of foamed aluminum on fluids helps it be an excellent decompression security device for various force meters.


Foamed aluminum has loads of excellent structural properties as well as being basically harmless to the body, so it is key in various industries. If you are searching for high-quality aluminum metal foam with a reasonable price, Zhu Xia Metal products Co.,Ltd. will present you with the best products.



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