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4 декабря 2020 г. 06:39

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. — A 21-year-old Upper Kentucky college student

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. A 21-year-old Upper Kentucky college student offers started his own small business.

Isaiah Kelly custom models and restores shoes even while studying for classes.

So whats really crazy is the fact I was not into art whatsoever, Kelly said, with a brush inside his hand painting a pair of shoes. I never thought d a million years We'd be sitting here painting like a pro a shoe.

 Kelly affirms his outlook has transformed in recent days.

My first major these at NKU was graphic design which inside school of the disciplines. I didn't like it a great deal that I switched my major like following the first semester.

 For Kelly that's an experience during his or her freshman year at North Kentucky University while he also worked at the shoe store.

I did not care about shoes or clothes but I guess being around shoes 40 hours seven days I just fell inside love with shoes. going into my freshman year of college I use to look up ways to get shoes for cheap on YouTube just cause Im really frugal with the money, Kelly claimed.

Kelly said thats when he found a video on developing designs and customizing shoes and boots. Now I love paintings. I see the art work in everything. Every time I see a pair of shoes. Right now we can shoes be we eventually want to do phone cases, hats, t-shirts, we wish to accomplish everything, Kelly said.

Kelly has a passion for restoring and customizing boots and shoes but needed to discover ways to develop a balanced business-oriented help system. He acquired those skills by doing the university's Inkubator Program which provides resources on growing an enterprise.

Something that we made for our students is the power to test it out and about and thats something that when youre getting yourself into entrepreneurship and there isn't a support structure like that, its very challenging, stated Zac Strobl, Center regarding Innovation and Entrepreneur during NKU.

For Kelly, hes transformed his challenges proper meaningful and rewarding job all before graduating higher education.

I think thats the coolest thing to do. Just knowing that an individual appreciates my creativity and is willing to not only spend on it but wear the item themselves, Kelly stated.

The entrepreneur said hes completed no less than 50 orders of tailor-made shoes and earned $10, 000 since his start just one year ago.



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