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17 ноября 2020 г. 09:53

A comprehensive scientific enterprise

Kiande is a comprehensive scientific enterprise customized in intelligent production in addition to data analysis for electrical power manufacturing field. Company’s travel office, Suzhou Kiande Electric powered Co.,Ltd.,is centered at Suzhou known as Paradise remaining. Manufacturing center, Kiande (Zhenjiang) Automation in addition to Technology Co.,Ltd.,is situated in Zhenjiang known while China’s electricity island. Firm covers R&D dept.,anatomist design dept.,production dept.,product sales dept. and after-sales support dept..Our mission would be to provide the solution workout routines for improvement on production efficiency, quality, cost as well as data.
Business scope:
Specialised in Automatic Production Products:
Ø Mainly in Busbar Production Equipment
Specialized in manufacturing and customizing busbar manufacturing machines including manual creation line, semi-automatic production brand, automatic production line, manual inspection machine, automatic examination machine, automatic packing unit, automatic mylar film being created machine, automatic mylar roll film slitting machine, tape winding device, automatic mylar wrapping device, profile processing machine, busbar conductor multifunctional processing machine, digital bus bar punching machine, joint link bar processing center, welding automatic robot, elbow busbar production machine, NC position fixture and various machines related to busbar running.
Ø Mainly in Switchgear Pantry Production Equipment
Specialized in many switchgear cabinet production collection, manipulator for CT installment, LV drawer type pantry assembly line, automatic drawer storage system, RGV trolley, reversal fitting for switchgear cabinet real estate, turret nasal line hit machine, door angle processing machine and also other customized equipments.
Ø Mainly inside Imp. & Exp. Business Based on Busbar and Equipment
Specific in imp. & exp. business. We are clients’ representative purchasing MV/LV switchgear cabinet, tight busbar, lighting busbar, rail busbar and etc.
Specialized in Busbar Accessories
To perform full supply chain with busbar field, we also equip busbar accessories intended for our busbar clients which include busbar joints, tap-off models, joint insulation separator, insulation mylar, profile casting capped ending, copper pins for tap-off component, plug, socket, tap-off product outgoing sheath, double travel bolt and temperature indicator etc.

If you wish to know more about our busbar machines, please contact us.
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