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13 ноября 2020 г. 09:10

The actual Ozone Project has mentioned that, over the next season

The actual Ozone Project has mentioned that, over the next season, it will triple its London staff from the current level of with regards to 30, in support of new product initiatives that aim to accelerate four-foldgrowth inside 2020.


The boost to investment on the groups four original shareholders News UK, Reach, Telegraph Media Group and Guardian News & Media might find people, including staff coming from TMG and News BRITAIN, brought in to enhance two main capabilities: commercial and operational teams, to increase Ozones access to marketers; and product and anatomist staff, to expand Ozones advertising and marketing product offering, and offer better insights and targeting.


New developments will include:

Ozone Marketplace intended for a cleaner, premium publisher alternative to open market programmatic buying and selling, which is currently inside beta


The launch of the self-service platform for SMEs along with the rollout of new electronic digital display and video models

 Supporting publishersstandard electronic digital format sales and operations incorporating all show and video solutions as a result of an advertising centre with excellence, which will be first as used by News UK and TMG coming from 1 January.


The Ozone Project claimed it had recorded four-fold revenue growth in the past year, although it was struggle to provide figures in excess fat. The accounts of this company filed to Companies Home show that in 2019, that made a loss (negative retained earnings) of £1. 64m.


Ozones main executive, Damon Reeve, stated: In the past year, The Ozone Project has seen four-fold revenue growth and is particularly consistently working with most of major agencies (both keeping companies and independents) representing most of the UKs biggest advertisers, which include P&G, Boots, Lloyds, Lidl, Dunelm, Toyota, Vodafone and also HM Government, to name but a number of.


Despite advertisers recalibrating messaging and timings from the beginning of the initial lockdown, Ozones Q2 revenues were the greatest to date, and 90% up on Q1s performance. Year on year, quarterly revenues remain significantly over during 2019, with Q4 set to offer another set of document numbers.


The Ozone Project ended up being last month named Media Brand from the Year at the Mass media Week Awards. In 06, it was joined by means of ESI Media while using Evening Standard and Independent becoming the primary new brands to join because it was created.

Dominic Peterson, chief commercial officer during News UK, commented: "I'm delighted that this Ozone Project can at this point accelerate the delivery involving its vision and further purchase its suite of products. Ozone has rightly been winning plaudits for its premium programmatic innovation all this investment allows us to draw more deeply on its potential. ".



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