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19.02.2021 08:51

LUTEAL PHASE Outdoors, Your trusted tent resolution partner since 2005, As on the list of top 3 Aluminum non permanent tent buiding brands around China,LP OUTDOORS has over 12 years' work experience with giants for instance GL Events in Portugal, Gala-tent in the UNITED KINGDOM. We are honored Country's high-tech Enterprise, USA IFAI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ARA member. and happen to be passed ISO9001 quality program and European CE qualification since 2012. Our team have more 18 years experience in temporary marquee tent building industry. Santa Claus is Visiting for Town Heading to LUTEAL PHASE Outdoors Tents

Accompanied by familiar Christmas songs, are you currently ready for this getaway season? As a regular Western commemorative festival together with religious significance, the custom of Christmas in addition has spread widely with their special charm, and many countries were affected. Therefore, Christmas


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18.02.2021 12:35

Melamine is surely an industrial chemical a white crystalline powder consisting of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen.

Most melamine can be used as a starting product with the manufacture of adhesives and resins that are used in woodbased cells, laminate floors and attractive surfaces for furniture. It's also present in thermoset plastics, flame retardants and lots of other products.

Molecular method: C3N6H6. C3N3 (NH2)3 Pounds: 126. 12

CAS Zero.:108-78-1 EINECS No:203-615-4

Actual capability: White crystal powder, innoxious, flavorless.

Relative density: 1570kg/m3

Burning point: It be melt less than 354℃ under ordinary demand.


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18.02.2021 12:31

People screening catagory are all of our metal detection systems made to check humanbody to locate metal treats including blades, guns, metal explosives etc. All products including the normal kinds of walk-through metallic detectors(WTMD), also named archway steel detectors or door mode metal detectors(DFMD), hand used metal detectors, and small wave body scanners and many others. This kind of body of a human security inspection solution are widely used in transportation systems including airports, railways and metro, industrial buildings like shopping department stores etc for security inspection.

In different places that requirement for different degrees of security inspection, end users maily choose the walk-through shiny detectors by 6 recognition zones, 24 zones, THIRTY-THREE zones and 45 areas etc.


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18.02.2021 12:28

Echo sounding is a kind of sonar used to determine the depth of water by transmitting acoustic hills into water. The time interval between emission and return of an pulse is recorded, which is used to determine the depth of water combined with speed of sound in water at the time. This information is then typically used for navigation purposes or so as to obtain depths for charting purposes. Echo sounding can also make reference to hydroacoustic "echo sounders" defined as active sound in water (sonar) used to study fish. Hydroacoustic assessments have usually employed mobile surveys from boats to guage fish biomass and spatial distributions. However, fixed-location techniques use standing transducers to monitor transferring fish.

Distance is measured by multiplying half the time from the signal's outgoing pulse to its return because of the speed of sound in the water, which is something like 1. 5 kilometres every second [T÷2(4700


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18.02.2021 12:24


 Q How to buy products?

A Send inquiry with detailed product account or with Model selection. If there is absolutely no packing requirement, we will take it as sea-way back. If possible, please attach a reference picture in order to avoid any misunderstanding or any kind of links form our website for we purchase a better understanding.

Q 's your company a distributor or even a manufacterer?

A Yse, We are a professional Rock Portions manufacterer SX BITS throughout China.

Q How in relation to your products?

A Certainly, All of our actions are accredited to ISO9001: 2015,both in products or services, at the


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18.02.2021 12:21

Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches provide fast and safe and sound solution for small clinics and dental practices.

Getinge Pack Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches are with use at steam, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde sterilizers and supply an effective and harmless solution against recontamination once sterilization.

Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches give a best-in-class combination of security, convenience and processing performance. Pre-fold design facilitates a fast and accurate folding in the adhesive strip to mode an airtight seal without the employment of a heat sealer.

Sterilization method:

 Vapor sterilization


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18.02.2021 12:18

telescopic universal joints usually with dual joints with bearings or needle bearings including a sliding splined centre section allowing adjustment between two base. Length adjustment should be produced statically without torque fill.

Why we call this telescoping cv joint, while its length can adaptable, same as a telescopic, thus some customer call the item adjustable felxible universal bowl for cardan shaft or extendable universal joint. Structure feature:

1. It works for the transmission using the axis angle β<45°of the 2 main axis

 2. connect more longer shaft space

 3. Finished product hole tolerance H7, keyway, hexagonal pin and square hole can easily order as requirement.


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18.02.2021 12:14

Facts of DC12V Silim Super Brightness 2835 Led Backlight Module


 1)select in addition to use TOP quanlity 2835led nick source, without spot, lower light decay, good persistence for backlight module

 2)Products having low power consumption, higher brightness, long life, higher power 1. 5w, maintenance-free

 3)The shell consists of injection molding technology, attractive appearance, good cooling result

 4)IP68 waterproof rating upwards above, this is benefit specification.

5)Low voltage insight, safe and reliable(DC12V)

 6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow single color


  Теги:  led backlight module 

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18.02.2021 12:09

Plywood hot press is probably the main equipment of the actual production process, which is required for hot pressing as well as sticking boards after gluing in addition to forming, different kinds regarding plywood have different specifications for machine performance.

This machine can be used for producing plywood, blockboard, lumber veneer and melamine report lamination on plywood, blockboard in addition to film faced plywood.

Looking for top heat press machine? You’ve arrive at the right place. Our detailed guide and also heat press reviews will assist you to make the best judgement.

Developing stunning imprints was once a highly expensive and challenging process. Those days are long gone, and now it has never been more straightforward with the wonder of modern-day heat press machines. What was once a niche market is now on the list of fastest-growing businesses on our planet.


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18.02.2021 12:06

Were a professional manufacturer inside outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor gym equipment. We are one in the pioneer companies awarded the fresh NSCC certificate and the first small play equipment making certified company. Wande Group is the first company among the industry that they are approved by the German TUV Rhine company GS qualifications and ASTMF1487 certification typical.

Outdoor Playground Equipment

 Outdoor playground equipment contained the elements of beautiful puppets and animals which might be easily accepted by babies as friends. The overall design is full of magic power just like fairy tales, which allures children to enter your magic world and creates their curiosity. Our backyard play equipment includes rising rope net, outer room playground, climbing wall playset, and so forth.


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