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28 мая 2019 г. 06:30

Basic Knowledge Of Sheet Metal Parts

First let's begin with the basics. Sheet metal is one of the strongest materials that can be readily shaped and cut. Because of its strength, it is an ideal candidate for making Sheet Metal Parts that require good load-bearing ability. Also, many metals have good Corrosion resistance, as well as good electrical conductivity. This makes metal a good candidate for electrical components.
Sheet metal is recyclable, so it can be reused indefinitely. Items made from sheet metal can be aesthetically pleasing, which makes the material a great candidate for products that require both good visual appearance and strength.
Sheet Metal Basics
Sheet and coil material is produced by progressively squeezing a red-hot, large, rectangular block of metal between rollers —much like an old-fashioned clothes ringer on a washing machine. This metal-squeezing process commonly is referred to as the rolling process. Each time the metal is rolled, it gets thinner and thinner. The space between the final set of rollers determines the final metal thickness.
After the desired thickness is obtained, the sheet metal then is rolled into a large coil. Typical sheet metal thicknesses used in stamping are 0.001 in. to 0.625 in. although most stamping operations use sheet steel, special dies can cut and form steel bars up To 3 in. thick.
Every different types of metal can be cut and formed in a die. Everything from gold to special superalloys used in the aerospace industry can be stamped. However, of all the materials stamped today, steel is the most common. Hundreds of steel types—from Mild to special grades of advanced high-strength steel—are available for stamping.
Certain steels are used in many stamping applications. Certain grades of stainless steel, such as the types that are used to make kitchen sinks, offer great formability, while others offer great corrosion and heat resistance. Some stainless steels can be hardened after they are stamped These types often are used to make surgical tools and high-quality knives.
The metal selected for a stamping application must be the type and thickness that can be cut and formed into a part that fits and functions properly. Before a process can be established or a die to perform it can be made, you must have a good understanding Knowing them helps you determine if the metal can be formed or cut in a die; how many operations are required; which tool steel type is needed; The press capacity; and other die design parameters. Attempting to develop a process without understanding the material you are cutting and forming is very risky and can result in catastrophic failure.

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