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23 мая 2019 г. 05:56

Aluminum, Stainless Steel Or Steel Sheet Metal Parts

Have a good look at this great idea made out of stainless steel Sheet Metal Parts.stainless steel, U-Channel, Custom cut sheet metalstainless steel, U-Channel, Custom cut sheet metal
Basically the finished metal product you see here is a rectangle, where we did cut a big hole during the laser cutting process out of the rectangle.
The customer also wanted us to bend that rectangle into a “U-shape ”, which we also offer in our easy 4 step ordering process to end up with this final shape.
Mounted to a wall of a fitness center this idea made out of stainless steel is a real great idea and shows you what can be done out of metal.
The U-shaped stainless steel metal is holding disinfection fluid available so athletes can clean the used equipment prior to the next one who wants to use it.
We thank our customer for providing his pictures , so we can show you where our custom cut sheet metal comes to live.
You also have an idea you would like to be brought to live, contact us, we will try to help you.
Individual custom cut sheet metal - not just a rectangle
In some cases just a rectangle, circle, or a triangle is just not good enough. That is way not only offers the 14 different shapes and forms you can order in our easy to use 4 step ordering process, you can also contact us and send Us your idea, or a clear drawing of the metal piece you are searching for.
Individual custom cut sheet metal graphic hole
Sheet metal out of Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Steel, can easily be tailored, cut and bend to your individual needs.
The great thing about it is that you don’t have to buy many of them. One is enough that that’s the amount you really need.
You will only buy, what you really need. So order only one metal part that is fine with us.
In the particular case, the customer requested a simple rectangle cut out of aluminum sheet metal with several holes in it. The customer gave us a small drawing with the necessary measurements. We programmed our Laser cutter to get this individual aluminum metal part shaped as a Rectangle to him as fast as possible.
This is all done hassle free for you. No drilling holes yourself, or buying sheet metal you don’t need and have to cut it yourself.
Contact us, we will be happy to support you.

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