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17 мая 2019 г. 06:54

What Is The Use Of Bakelite Parts?

Bakelite Fish tank cover As one of the first manufactured and synthetic plastics, Bakelite was highly desirable for its non-conductivity and heat-resistant properties. At the height of manufacturing, Bakelite was lauded for its versatility and as the first artificial plastic.
Then, there were different levels and variants of Bakelite that had numerous industrial and commercial applications.
What is it used for?
As previously mentioned, Bakelite was used in various industries from automobile and electrical fields. Industrial Bakelite products include radios, electrical and automobile distributor caps and wiring insulation.
Later, as the versatility of Bakelite was explored, a variety of products were manufactured. Musical instrument and camera parts, and at one point, Bakelite was considered a replacement for coins by the United States Mint.
Through the early 1960s, Bakelite became a highly desirable product. Houses were decorated with Bakelite: chess pieces, necklaces, bracelets, dishes and kitchen containers.
Today, part of the reason why Bakelite items are collectibles, are because of the fine artisanship. The market value is extremely high, due to the retro feel and limited quantities of certain products. For example, Bakelite jewelry is more rare than, say, Dish or cookware.
Why is it hazardous?
The dangerous nature of Bakelite is from different sources: manufacturing, collecting and disposing.
Since Bakelite is a manufactured, synthetic plastic containing incredible amounts of formaldehyde, asbestos and other extremely toxic polymers, those who produced these desirable products, put themselves at risk. At the time, safety and health precautions were not mandatory. These hardworking men and women Exposed themselves to the toxins, through exposure.
Then, though it seems a benign pastime, collecting Bakelite products also do pose a heath threat. If a Bakelite product breaks, the synthetic materials become airborne, and may result in inhalation, ingestion or direct skin contact. Bakelite collectibles are beautiful but deadly.
With like home any other plastic-based product, disposing Bakelite is extremely hazardous to the environment. With older home renovations at its peak, many people are unintentionally exposed to Bakelite Parts from replacing ceiling or floor tiles. Even more, collectors are also susceptible to exposure especially If a dish or a bracelet is broken.

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