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20 марта 2022 г. 13:51

How much do you know about EKG? ...

The heart is like a small generator. Before beating, the heart muscle first excites, and during the excitation process, se 1200 express a weak electric current is generated, which is transmitted to all parts of the body through the tissues.

Since the tissue structure of each part of the body is different, the distance between each part and the heart is different, so the electrical potential is constantly changing in each part of the body.

The relationship between the electrical potential and time on the surface of the human heart is called an electrocardiogram.

What is the significance of ECG?

ECG machines record abnormal changes in the generation and conduction processes of cardiac cells when these abnormalities occur. Therefore, ECG is a very important guide in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

ECG is used for.

1: To understand the rhythm of the heart.

2: To check whether the heart is enlarged and to assess the severity of heart disease.

3: To understand whether your heart muscle is damaged and to assess the severity of the damage.

4. To understand some electrolyte disorders in the body.

5: To observe the efficacy of some drugs and to guide clinical use.

6: To monitor the changes of cardiovascular disease in critically ill patients.

ECG examination precautions

Patients should expose the wrist, ankle and chest skin. They should not wear tight-fitting clothes and pants during the examination.

2: Lie flat on the bed, place both arms on the sides of your body with natural development, and keep your lower limbs straight and flat.

3: Do not speak or breathe naturally during the painting.

Family members and the patient should not answer the phone and the patient should stay away from the body.

5: Before the ECG, the doctor must explain the medication taken recently in order to avoid misdiagnosis.

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