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10 января  2022 г. 10:56

Credit card online spending shou...

Nowadays, due to the rapid development and convenience of the Internet, people in their 80s and 30s may not be unfamiliar with online shopping, as e-commerce platforms cooperate with credit cards to launch a series of transactions

More credit card friends enjoy shopping online and shopping privileges, but did you know? In fact, online credit card processing the use of credit cards online shopping has its advantages and disadvantages, and many people ignore the credit card online risk.

First, check the text message before spending

When shopping online, choose to use credit card transactions between buyers and sellers usually through the bank development are we will send information to the cardholder for information verification, such as the amount, the choice of payment management methods, as cardholders must be cautious.

Second, online spending, choose an official trading platform

In the use of credit cards for online shopping, the first thing to do is to choose a formal and reliable online shopping mall, in order to reduce the probability of being Trojan horse, and at the same time, when making payments, you should also choose the dynamic password test, the cell phone can be bound to the payment account. 

When paying, the dynamic password should be sent to the cell phone, enter this send password to successfully pay.

In this way, even if the credit card information is stolen, criminals can not successfully pay, thus ensuring the safety of online credit card spending. At the same time, cardholders are advised to cancel the small payment function without secret payment.

3. Set the limit of online banking payment

Set your Internet banking payment transfer account to 1000 RMB per month. If you need to purchase a larger amount of products, you can also set a larger amount at once, and then adjust it to a smaller amount after the payment is repaid.

When shopping, courier Internet banking payment can also choose to bind a smaller amount of credit card.

Fourth, to develop a good consumer behavior habits

We must learn to develop the habit of regular reconciliation, for business payments and transfer business, timely and good records, regular inquiries of various transactions and transaction certificates.

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