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22 декабря 2021 г. 07:31

Can eating fish oil make your ch...

According to the latest foreign research, fish oil has the following benefits for babies:

First, it is beneficial to the development of the child's mind, improving ADHD and attention deficit.Come to go smart to boost your baby's immunity and intelligence!

Second, improve immune function, promote reproductive health, and prevent chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases in adulthood.

Promotes IQ development, improves atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases, and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

Fourth, DHA can improve the attention span of school children, which may help companies to improve the efficiency of student learning, but I'm afraid it does not make their own children smarter.

As for the relationship between fish oil and "getting smarter", there is no conclusive research method.

However, there are also studies and analyses that suggest that eating fish oil may not make your child smarter. Fish oil helps the brain's neural network system because the Omega-3 in fish oil makes the Chinese synaptic cell membranes more flexible.

When releasing conductive substances in the body, the synaptic structures are able to continuously increase their ability to capture these information conductive substances and are less likely to miss them, which is also one of the principle techniques that the medical profession believes that fish oil can help companies improve their learning ability at work.

Retinal and Neurological Protection

Because of the high oil content of the retina and nervous system, the Omega-3's in fish oil help to make the retina more flexible. Although fish oil cannot prevent myopia, it can protect the retina.

Even though myopia may change the axial length of the eye in the future and tug on the retina, when the retina is elastic, it helps to reduce or avoid retinal damage.

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