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16 июня 2021 г. 16:06

In summer, wear an elegant and light familiar style for work

I don't know when it started, the "light and familiar style" dressing with a sense of elegance and elegance has become the favorite dressing style of today's professionals.

This style of dressing does not require complicated style designs. It only uses the simplest and versatile clothing to fully interpret the wearer's own temperament.

Today, let’s talk about the topic of summer breeze, hoping to give you some inspiration for outfits.

The all-match short-sleeved T-shirt in summer is one of the most classic and practical items in summer.

The classic collar style combined with the choice of textured fabrics can well balance temperament and comfort. Simply match an elegant skirt to show a refined and refined fashion charm.

Girls whose legs are not perfect can take advantage of the self-cultivation performance of umbrella skirts to wear a fresh and sweet French style.

The retro and calm ginger yellow pleated umbrella skirt, matched with a comfortable and refreshing light apricot sleeveless vest style, gives the simplest high-level beauty.

In the hot summer, this light and light style "grandma shirt" is especially suitable for women in the workplace.

This kind of comfortable shirt that can be used as a sun protection suit, and can be worn directly, can be directly matched with a single product of aura wide-leg pants, which can freely shuttle in different temperature spaces. With the help of soft colors to add a touch of freshness to the whole, it looks particularly age-reducing.

The loose-fitting wide-leg pants are a single product that modifies the shape of the legs and satisfies us: all the imagination of pants life in summer is the most popular wardrobe essential for the royal sisters in the workplace.

The matching of this type of pants is also very simple, only a small shirt with a slightly loose version will make you resonate comfortably, without deliberately creating a waistline, you can also instantly create the visual effect of long legs .

In the summer working women’s wardrobe, there must be cigarette trousers.

Whether it's the proper black and white matching or the fresh and fashionable color matching, simply choose a comfortable sweater or an intellectual shirt style for the upper body, and you can deduce a good-looking and fashionable charm.

For the beauty who is running around in the workplace, proper skin care can add value to your charm. For example, this sexy and high-level sleeveless shirt style is directly matched with neat trousers or elegant skirts, whether it is for work or on a date, it is very temperamental.

In today's workplace wear, shirt styles based on intellectual and temperament, rely on their own strength to control the dominant power of workplace wear.

We can choose shirts with more elegant colors, combined with silk or cotton tactile fabrics, and only need an elegant skirt and exquisite accessories, which can also show the fashion charm of professional women.


Lengthen the length of the shirt and widen the hem to create a shirt dress with both intellectual and high-end sense. The slightly fat girl can use the contrast color or the same color belt to highlight the waist position, without too much thought, you can make yourself simple and beautiful.Read more at:cheap formal dresses melbourne | blue formal dresses australia

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