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6 июня 2021 г. 15:40

3 kinds of clothes that suit mature woman take


Most women have a dream to "stay young forever," but everyone gets older at some point in their lives. So how do you stay attractive as you get older? Dressing is a very important aspect, since the age has been placed there, we might as well cater to the age characteristics, choose a more mature style.

Share for everybody today a few suit mature female 3 kinds of wear take, elegant do not break vitality again, learn to make advanced temperament easily!

1. Simple dresses

Every woman has no way to resist the temptation of the dress, but if you want to make yourself more sedate, in the choice of dress is to avoid the style is too complex or too flowery skirt, as far as possible to choose a simple dress.

Silk is a magical fabric with a sense of advanced. When we put on the dress made of silk, we will become very elegant, especially the color of the dress is a very feminine light apricot color. The overall design of the dress is relatively simple, and the drape design is made between the shoulders and one side of the waist, which reduces the monotonous feeling of the solid-color dress. Pair it with a pair of black heels for a mature and powerful look.

This white dress is a little more dynamic in the same solid color dress, because the style is very loose and looks more girly. This is an age-free dress, which can be worn by older women to reduce their age. The long silk scarf with a black and white matching color enhances the elegant breath of modelling.

If you feel that the plain color dress is too monotonous, you can also choose this style with simple patterns. The dress is a more romantic French dress on the whole, with a square neckline and a small high waist design, which shows high and temperament. The soft light apricot color paired with the fine black polka dots made the dress look very soft.

2. Suit element suit

Speaking of suit elements, many people think of more formal suit suits, but the summer temperature is relatively high, not suitable for wearing a complete set of suits, so we can try suits with suit elements, both formal and cool.

Simple style of small waistcoat with long straight skirt, the style of both clothes are more formal, wearing the body can give a person a very generous visual effect. Mango yellow suit with white T-shirt, mature with a fresh breath.

There are many styles of suit suits. Compared with long suits, this kind of short-sleeved suit is more summery and will not be dull. At the same time, it is also with a workplace atmosphere, which is very suitable for office workers.

The dress looks much more mature, the combination of the straps skirt and small coat is very layered, both clothes are very textured grey, look very advanced. The style of the clothes is relatively simple, the cutting is very simple and decent, without too much decoration. These two pieces are very delicate, whether worn individually or folded together.

3. A minimalist sleeveless top

The most common summer top is the T-shirt. Compared to the T-shirt, the sleeveless top is simpler to design, but when worn, the style is much more mature and elegant than the T-shirt.

Very low-key smoke pink jacket, pure color jacket wearing on the body will not appear messy, with dark gray wide-leg pants and dark red shoulder bag, the whole modeling is a very typical mature wind to wear, can make people more temperament. Another advantage of this style of top is that it can embellish the shoulder shape and is very friendly to girls with wide shoulders.

This sleeveless jacket style is similar, there are differences in color, we can only according to the color of the summer dress when wearing, such as this black jacket can be matched with white skirt or trousers, classic black and white collocation generous never out of date.


This style can be worn as a sundress. The skirt is straight and has no waist. To highlight the figure, we can wear a belt around the waist. This can not only highlight the waist line, but also modify the figure line, so that the wearer's figure proportion is more superior, work or daily out of the street can be worn.Read more at:Formaldressau | formal evening dresses

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