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1 июня 2021 г. 12:52

After the age of 40, retain these temperamental items and wear high-end charm

After the age of 40, retain these temperamental items and wear high-end charm

Dressing is something that all women pay more attention to! At different ages, you have to wear different styles; 20 years old, like to pursue youth and individuality; 30 years old, like refinement and taste; and at 40 years old, they pay more attention to elegance and advanced.

So, how do women after the age of 40 highlight their own temperament through wear? Let's share with you the temperament items suitable for 40 years old. We can learn from and imitate the dressing skills of experts, so that we can become more and more fashionable.

The aura and fashion of wide-leg pants

For women around the age of 40, wearing a simple wide-leg pants is an excellent choice to enhance elegance. The blogger in the middle wore a pair of classic western-style chestnut wide-leg pants, and the loose trouser legs easily covered the fat on the legs, showing a sense of thinness! Matched with a black half-high neck sweater, it is lazy and casual, full of aura. With a pair of flat shoes of the same color, the legs are extended, and there will be a sense of queen walking with wind.

The comfort and sophistication of wool knitwear

After the age of 40, we must dress appropriately and restrained. Always keep a knit sweater in the wardrobe in autumn. The beauty is wearing a dark coffee color comfortable knit sweater with a pair of washed blue straight-leg pants (referring to the picture on the right), which is classic and durable, and has a simple and generous feeling. Don't like trousers? It can be replaced with an off-white split skirt (referring to the middle picture) to inadvertently awaken the tenderness of autumn.

The elegance and competence of pointed high heels

In addition to fashion clothes, there will be high heels in the shoe cabinet of any elegant woman. Especially in recent years, the pointed high heels of the fire have irresistible charm for women. At the same time, they can always give extra points when used in matching. This beauty blogger is wearing a red striped shirt with a white background and a white split skirt. The temperament is reduced by age and the sense of vitality is full, so that the whole look will not be too dull. Wear a pair of smoky gray pointed high heels on your feet, which lengthen the proportion of the lower body, making the calf more slender and showing an elegant posture.

The charming and high class of skirts

More than 40 women want to be elegant and feminine? An elegant skirt is essential. And the length of the skirt should not be too short, it can be knee-length or downward. The blogger on the right is wearing an apricot pink sweater and matching it with a black fishtail skirt, full of romance and tenderness. In the autumn morning and evening, when the temperature is low, we can wear a short jacket outside to keep warm while creating layers, which greatly enriches the visual sense.

The handsome and trendy windbreaker

Speaking of autumn wear, windbreaker is the best single product for concave shape this season. While keeping out the cold, you can also wear a handsome and free fashion style. The khaki windbreaker (referred to on the left) is very durable and has the highest appearance rate in this autumn. Pairing with black jeans is more classic, showing a casual and atmospheric feeling. A pair of silver pointed-toe high heels are matched on the beautiful women's feet, and the temperament is also capable.

The taste of lambskin handbags

Regardless of your age and occupation, a versatile leather handbag is an essential fashion item. A set of elegant wear and match with a high-end sense of sheepskin bag, will give you unparalleled temperament. The blogger on the left is wearing a pink woolen sweater with a gray mesh skirt, youth and age reduction. Holding a beige apricot bag in the hand, it enhances the high-level sense of the overall shape.Read more at:cheap formal dresses australia | short formal dresses online

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