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28 мая 2021 г. 13:16

Sleeveless to cool off the summer heat is also dignified

The temperature has been a bit higher recently. The heat tortures people not only loses their appetite, but also reduces their passion for dressing up. When it’s too hot but there is nowhere to cool off, I really envy boys being able to go shirtless freely. It is not suitable to imitate, but girls also have the exclusive coolness of girls, that is, sleeveless dignity.

Sleeveless to cool off the summer heat is also dignified

01 The elegance and elegance of the white background and black dots can be regarded as a classic in the classics. Although it is not as rich as a houndstooth, the elegance and joy of the princess are unmatched. The black gauze perspective stitching of the tube top and the water droplets on the back are unmatched. The slits, although small and sexy, but set against the fluffy skirt is a romantic and invigorating peculiar to celebrities.

02 The romantic interpretation of the superb taste with a printed self-cultivation bag seems to be indispensable for intellectual stringing, and this is the unique feature of this vest skirt. The mid-waist slim waist is concise, but it perfectly completes the connotation of the streamline. Outlined, not tight and sexy, yet graceful and tangible, pure and fresh intellectual romance.

03 Because the white vision has always been very flat, so it is usually inseparable from simplicity and cleanliness. Therefore, the perspective printing that breaks the convention seems to become more plain and fresh, especially with the decoration of the flower flying sleeves and skirts. Clean Pingtian's three-dimensional romance is more beautiful and fresh.

04 Wearing real silk gives you a unique feeling. If you blindly cater to the trend, you will inevitably lose the authenticity of the outstanding quality. The green and yellow paired appearances are not so bright and eye-catching, but the visual effect is more elegant and leisurely, as if the years have passed. The pondering, retro style swaying with the wind.

05 There are folds in the front, and the waist is in a retro style. It seems to be the highest state of fashion girls to play with literary and romantic romance. They can be like the heroines in literary works, wearing cotton and linen knee-length skirts that are not too self-cultivating. Stepping on canvas sneakers is like not eating the fireworks in the world, but you can remember it at a glance.

06 The lotus leaf leaning on the stage is vivid and more natural, like the ripples of the breeze blowing across the lake, fascinating, but the pure Isshiki and the deep V-neck folds outline, still not losing the dignity of celebrities or the dignity of the workplace. It's just that the elegant pace can be more romantic and relaxed.

07 The polka-dot dress is not very slim, obviously it will not present the scene of swinging in the wind, even from the interpretation of the side slits, you can also explore a little literary and retro style, just because of the lace stitching city Huacai, no longer need to evade the secular pickiness of fashion.


08 Say goodbye to the fashion misunderstanding that youthful beauty is incompatible with blue and white retro, and use the gentle and elegant of the big skirt to embellish the inherent nobility and elegance of blue and white, transforming into freshness, but with the help of the pure color vest and belt, while still maintaining youth and purity Intrinsic nature.Read more at:http://www.formaldressau.com/ | http://www.formaldressau.com/collections/formal-dresses

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