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26 мая 2021 г. 12:55

A little common sense in skin care

What do you need to be aware of in your daily skin care in order for an ordinary girl to be beautiful?

1: Make up during the day, go home, and be sure to cleanse to remove makeup. Pay particular attention to the cleaning process of the face t-shaped zone.

2: You can wash your face with face wash and wash around the pins to reduce hair loss and hairline. Also, when you wash your face with face wash, be careful about how you wash your face, and even if you tap your skin lightly, do not rub your face forcibly.


3: After washing, please pack. Many people mistakenly think that the nutrients in the pack will remain on their face and they will wash their face the next morning just because they packed it. This is the wrong idea of ​​skin care, but if you don't wash your face as soon as you put on and take off the mask, you run the risk of large pores and pimples.Read more at:long evening dresses | formal dresses adelaide

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