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19 мая 2021 г. 10:36

The light ripe wind of elegant temperament is worn build demonstration: very bea

Forty is often regarded as the watershed for women. After the age of 40, a woman will show signs of "aging" both physically and mentally.

For example, in the morning of one day, suddenly found that once proud of the water tender face, suddenly appeared shallow fine lines, and the size of the color spot, spread how many layers of powder can not cover the time......

Accordingly this, have many years the woman that leads 40 years old, look a bit younger to let him, have the aid of all sorts of cosmetics and the dress of elegant temperament in succession, will reduce oneself "senile feeling", in this year's summer, perfect deduce the temperament charm that gives to belong to light ripe female!

Below, Xiaobian for you to share a few groups of suitable for 40 year old women summer wear demonstration, not act young, not old, reduce age and beauty, super good-looking oh!

In the summer of 40 years old woman, want to avoid the make public color of bright red big purple to wear above all build, this kind of colour puts on can not only "bright blind" the glasses of others, still will highlight the ultra low class that you cannot bear to endure is savoured.

This belle chose a smoke purple flower chiffon shirt effect is very good, the background color of smoke purple embellished simple but elegant broken flower element, the formation of whole color has pure and fresh feeling very much. The lower body is tie-in again a pair of spontaneous jeans, instantaneous restored the previous youth and vitality.

After the woman passed 40 years old, jeans of straight tube of bully-boy tall waist must not throw away, this kind of fire is tasted the classic piece of a few years, need simple tie-in T-shirt only or it is shirt, can weaken 40 years old instantly to bring "old feeling", build a pure and fresh do not break the girl feeling of spontaneous sex again.

As the gradual rise of temperature, be afraid of hot girl, might as well use the sleeveless small vest that quality of a material of cotton and hemp of this kind of day silk adds, wear the fashionable effect that gives relaxed, temperament.

The beauty wore a comfy black tank top with a pair of white broad-legged culottes, which were tucked into the waistband to make her legs look extra long. The classic black and white combination is elegant and chic, suitable for everyday wear or work commuting.

The little sister is wearing an elegant and temperament of polka dot dress, the waist with the help of a brown belt ornament, and then with pearl necklace earrings to support the support, wear very retro and do not lose the sense of elegance, and also super high Oh.

Summer is here, and everyone's T-shirt style is going to be popular.

The T - shirt of simple foundation is in collocation when, it is cannot leave the ornament that acts the role of like bag, earring most, the half skirt of a long paragraph in simple tie-in, can cover leg department easily already proud flesh, can make a summer skirt sleeves to wave again light feeling, so save money to reduce age again wear take means, why not try?

This beauty, on the other hand, uses a loose-fitting version of the T-shirt style, paired with a straight skirt, to give her a retro look. Reuse a round bamboo to make up basket bag to build a recreational feeling, simple but elegant chic, aesthetic feeling is dye-in-the-wood.


Want to break the onefold feeling of T - shirt and jeans, we need to work hard in ornament: in the demonstration of wearing this beauty, the small scarf between the neck played a key role in lighting the modelling, and can also put it in any position, such as wearing as a headdress; Tying on the bag adds to the overall look... Create a variety of fashion effects.Read more at:formal dress au online | short formal dress

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