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16 мая 2021 г. 19:35

Women in their 40s should dress well


As we all know, with the development of fashion, more and more women realize the importance of dressing up, especially many women over the age of 40. Wearing clothes is not only fashionable, but also very exquisite, which also makes them live younger and younger.

This time, I'm going to share with you the spring and summer clothes of Lidiaz, an older blogger. Women should pay more attention to clothes after 40 years old. If you don't have a clue about how to match, you might as well learn this sister's private clothes to match, elegant and elegant, and have a look together!

First, color

A well-dressed 40-year-old woman will not ignore the use of color and collocation. After all, as long as you know how to dress, you know how important color is to the overall look.

The woman arrived 40 years old, no matter preference which kind of sheet tastes design, the basic key on whole collocation is given priority to more with elegant understanding, and a few brightness is too high or too dazzling color should avoid, be like bright purple, big red or fluorescent green, besides can destroy temperament, still can let modelling become grandiosity rises.

Cream, beige, milk tea, apricot, warm white or pearl white are friendly to a 40-year-old woman and can be easily enhanced by combining other basic colors, earthy colors, or using the same color technique.

The basic colors of black, white, gray, or navy blue go without saying, such as a white shirt, black suit, or gray pipe pants, will suffice for most situations.

On collocation, with the help of bright color department single article or act the role of ornament modelling, make a person bright at the moment.

Two, coat

40 years old woman is dressed exquisite, not must choose how expensive sheet is tasted, a lot of time, design is simple but the basic money that has simple feeling very much, it is the sharp tool that makes advanced feeling likewise.

1, T-shirt

T shirt is worthy of the leading role of early summer season, wear it both won't give a person the feeling of exerting too much force, can build a leisure and comfortable daily tonality again, show young and generous.

When wearing a T-shirt alone, women in their 40s can wear draping, high-waisted, floor-length trousers or high-waisted, pipe trousers, which will improve their proportions and boost their energy levels.

2, shirt,

A mature woman's closet is a staple of shirts, such as white, black or Morandi, that work well alone or as an undershirt for a suit or tank top.

Generally speaking, if it is not a formal occasion, it is recommended that women use looser shirts. The material is mainly made of cotton and linen, silk, acetic acid or silk, and it is more advanced and elegant.

3. Knitwear

With the growth of age, many women in their 40s are more concerned about the comfort of an item than the fashion. For example, a sweater is such a practical style favored by mature women.

A cream, beige, light gray, or black knit can be worn with jeans or slacks for comfort and elegance.

Three, trousers

Pants are a key factor in the overall look. Women in their 40s are advised to look for trouser suits that are fluid in cut and simple in style, such as jeans, pipe pants, straight pants or wide-leg pants.

1. Jeans

They are made of tough, classic denim, and can be combined with different shapes to create a casual and relaxed feel. They can also be paired with a variety of basic tops, such as shirts, T-shirts, sweaters or suits.

White shirt + blue jeans are worthy to be called is the classic match color combination of spring and summer season, relaxed and clean, can rise to reduce age effect again, let you wear simple, the United States is advanced!

2. Black crescent pipe pants

The main advantages of cigarette pants are simple cutting, strong sense of lines, and a great tolerance for women's thighs. Combined with the high waist + nine point design, the legs are modified and the legs are long.

In addition, this is a trouser that can be used in the workplace and everyday, whether you are a professional or a housewife, you can't go wrong with this trouser.

3. High-waisted shorts

As chuxia arrival, air temperature rises gradually, all sorts of knickers begin to enter public line of sight, relaxed already can show beautiful leg again, be like white tall waist Bermuda knickers, white knickers or tall waist A type knickers, have chuxia sense very much.

Pair it with striped tops, T-shirts or blouses to create a clean, elegant female image.

4, pants


A well-dressed 40-year-old woman will choose a single item according to the occasion, such as high-waists trousers in the workplace, and a relatively casual point in daily life, so that she can maintain elegant temperament anytime and anywhere.Read more at:formal dresses australia online | formal gowns adelaide

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