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9 мая 2021 г. 10:16

Summer wear becomes elegant and advanced


Summer is a great time for parties. It's fun to have afternoon tea with a few friends, go to a home party, or go on holiday.

Girls who love beauty will have a small idea, that is, they want to become the focus of the audience at the party, attract the envy or jealous eyes around them, and successfully seize the C position. If you want to get away from the crowd at parties, make sure you dress in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Today share a few groups of suitable for the party to wear tie-in demonstration, elegant and advanced, very quality sense, may help you find suitable for their tie-in inspiration oh!

If we go to a more formal party, then you can dress yourself a little bit cool, black small suit with black pipe pants, a color collocation, with a cool and handsome tone, very tough collocation, royal sister style, absolute attention.

In fact, summer parties are not the more brand-name the better, but the more simple the better to reflect the sense of high class. A loose white shirt, more handsome and casual, with a very feminine navy blue fishtail skirt, mix and match a different style, both elegant and chic, and full of a sense of strength, you can unlock the button of the shirt more than a grain, deep V shape, more sexy, super charming.

If we want to go to a party with elegant OL style, then choose a neutral color dress to match, both intellectually elegant and quite feminine.

White shirt, gentle and quiet small lapel design appears very pure, bubble bubble sleeve feels particularly delicate, tie-in contracted black long skirt, pure and fresh Wen Wan, the limpid feeling like a girl in the next door, very stand to look. Black sweater, choose a big V-neck design, very sexy, matching white pleated skirt, but also very elegant, classic color, look very pleasing to the eye.

Like to wear pants girls, might as well choose the shirt + cigarette pants collocation, efficient, and very elegant, especially suitable for classmate parties, or more formal parties.

The shirt of aqua blue and white splicing, pure and fresh and natural, tie-in black smoke pipe pants, appear already professional very small pure and fresh, show white effect all right, suit light ripe department schoolgirl, reduce age to show temperament. If it is a small girl, it is recommended to wear a suit when the party, bean paste green shirt with the same color of cigarette pants, the collocation of the whole body is high and thin, and the senior sense is full marks.

The simpler the more advanced! If we want to get rid of the sense of passers-by at parties, we should give up the complicated design and let the simple, comfortable and generous clothes show the extraordinary taste.

White dress, do not have too much decoration, just the waist with black belt to create the waist line, such a classic black and white match, wear a light luxury sense, is really very attractive.

If you like something a little brighter, choose the same color and match it to make it look more sophisticated. Small suit of warm orange, the real silk shirt with the same color inside collocation, bottom outfit chooses pants of the same color wide leg, the collocation of a complete set gives a person strong visual wallop, make a person unforgettable, nevertheless such collocation suits the schoolgirl with tall thin white only, ordinary person is driven very hard.

Water blue suit, in the collocation of warm gray sweater, the bottom of the choice of water blue cigarette pants, color light quiet, but very textural, more suitable for our ordinary people, both decent and elegant, and generous, and not pick people.

The summer suits to wear wide leg trousers quite, the choice has the material material that hang down feeling, can show more elegant, also more show thin, tie-in a chic shirt, minute holds up our gas field.

Nude pink short shirt, have beautiful flower design, appear elegant and gentle, tie-in white wide leg pants, become fresh and fashionable, the collocation of a complete set is very western, also have feminine taste very, suit to date when wearing. Warm gray case grain shirt tie-in black trousers of wide leg, contracted and agile, very show atmosphere.


Choose a beautiful dress, get all kinds of summer parties, really is very gentle, very feminine. White polkot dress, the design of Hepburn style, elegant and dignified, the skirt that grows to the ankle, wear an elegant fairy fan, a little do not eat the flavor of fireworks, very moving. Naked pink dress, delicate V-neck and front slit design, looks very advanced, color is special texture, party wear, it is too fairy!Read more at:www.formaldressau.com | formal dresses perth

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