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14 марта 2019 г. 05:13

My argument to this is MLB stubs why ca

My argument to this is MLB stubs why can it be feasible on Playstation 2, but it is not possible on Playstation 4, although I have read this earlier from some folks online? I'm not trying to be sarcastic either, that's a legit question. I'm not a game developer so I have no clue what the technical constraints are on the PS4, but when a match like Red Dead Redemption can be made for that system


 and you might create your own stadium 14 decades back on a much less technically advanced gaming platform, common sense for me says that there is no reason this should not be possible now.I hear ya man. All I play is Road to The franchise or Show mode. To hell with trades in gemstone dynasty? . I miss batting training. Accurate pitch counts. Pitchers falling down and getting hit in the head with a line drive injured. Little things and animations that have been eliminated to take realism away. And how about a different World Series celebration for a change!? Commentators are a joy as well.


Are there any better cameras for player lock defense....they have to be zoomed in for infielders at least and even simply offer the choices for utilizing any camera actually....would too like to see that a'hitter' mode where you are able to play just hitters on both teams...I know that sounds odd but I think that are a favorite feature in both this game and madden if implemented.


we have a lot of split personalities on the planet and having the ability MLB 19 the show stubs to play a game against yourself is one of the most thrilling forms of competiotion for people like this! ...I do not joke, I occasionally play maddn with two controls and have a participant locked on each facet in franchise and it is great, just great....the best combat ever was brady versus manning and manning won, hence saving tye videogame world frim endless tom brady superbowl victories....the greatest part about videogames is that the games aren't fixed, but for the cpu cheating.


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