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12 января  2020 г. 21:45

The Way to Write an Essay

Writing a near flawless essay (for there's always room for improvement) entails paying attention to the following.

This in essence is all you need to remember whilst composing an essay. I must stress about the significance of studying. This helps complete improvement of language including writing ability. Pay attention to grammar usage and boost your language. If you use poor grammar, no matter the content, then your composition gets questionable. So pay special attention to proper usage of tenses, subject-verb agreement, prepositions and punctuation. Refer Wren and Martin or Oxford grammar guide for advancement.

Your last paragraph is always a summary. Avoid repeating everything you wrote in the introduction. Many times, I detect that students have a tendency to replicate their stance again in concluding paragraph with"and therefore/thus...." That is a replica, never looked at benignly from the checker since it's a mark of a fair writer. Despite the fact that you don't have to present any new point in the end, remain clear of redundancy. Summarize your conversation by paraphrasing briefly and make some recommendations you deem necessary.

There are various sorts of essays. If you're writing an academic essay, there are many things to listen to as well as follow a prescribed format. However, as it isn't given here, I'll discuss a general essay.

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