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19 августа 2021 г. 10:10

What is A Cqstart Mechanical Spring Starting ?

The Spring Starter has been in use for over 30 years; there are over 30,000 mechanical starters in service Worldwide.


Meet the Mpring Starter

Cqstart Spring Starters are mechanical starters that use energy stored in a high-tech spring pack which is manually wound up and charged for instant release when required to start an engine.

Kinetico spring starters require no external power systems, unlike their electric, air (pneumatic), or hydraulic counterpart systems.  They are simple, compact, and dependable, and often the preferred choice for backup starting.

Mechanical Spring Starter does not require electricity, compressed air, or hydraulic pressure to operate, it does not require batteries, alternators, regulators, and wiring. If electricity is needed, it can be added to an existing alternator using a conversion kit or use a self-excited alternator.


How Cqstart Spring Starting Works?

It is safe and easy to use as a spring starter The user can safely start the spring starter by winding the starter with the provided crank handle.The spring starter converts the stored potential energy (in the form of a wound spring) into rotational kinetic energy, which is used to flip and start the engine. The spring is wound by a simple hand crank. Release energy by pushing the lever on the starter.


Benefits of Spring Starters

► Guaranteed to start. Manual operation can ensure that the engine start is not affected by prolonged shutdown, humidity, cold or harsh environment.

► Reliability. Most spring starters can still be used normally after decades of use without rusting.

► Save space and weight. The lightest starter weighs only 18 kg and weighs less than 50% of the traditional electric starter.

► Operator safety. The crank will not fly off or kickback during operation, and the motor can be unwound if not required.

► Easy to use. The spring starter only needs to manually turn the crank to start, and the installation is quick and convenient.

► Reduce battery costs. For some applications, you may not need batteries at all, such as pumps, welders, and generator sets.

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