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25 марта 2021 г. 11:43

A Guide To Lube Oil Purifier

A ship has hundreds of machinery and systems which helps in its day to day operations.

Lubrication plays a vital role in the smooth running of this machinery by overcoming and reducing heat, neutralizing acid combustion by-products, preventing scuffing, lessening friction and thereby combating wear and tear between two running surfaces.

The main engine lube oil system on ships ensure lubrication of the main bearings through pumping of lube oil by duplex oil filters, to the crossheads, and guides, piston cooling and bottom end bearings through the swivel jointed pipes in the engine casings.


The engine cylinders have their own lube oil system, which lubricates the surfaces between the cylinder wall and the piston rings through a set of concentric nozzles or quills fitted around the cylinder liner.

There are various properties of lubricating oils to be maintained, such as viscosity, volatility, alkalinity, oiliness, detergents.

It is imperative to maintain the lubricating oil’s properties and to ensure it is in good condition.


Therefore, we need a Lube oil purifier on ships for proper purification of lube oil with minimum throughput or batch purification in case of heavy contamination.

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