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17 марта 2021 г. 13:17

Used Oil Recycling Plants Can Reduce Your Cost

Tongrui used oil recycling plants substantially add to your bottom line by producing high quality base oils from used lube oils through a non-cracking evaporation type front-end treatment coupled.


When you consider that you need 160 litres of crude oil to produce 2½ litres of high quality lubricating oil but only 4 litres of used oil to produce the same 2½ litres of the same quality oil then it does not make sense to incinerate or otherwise dispose of used oil. The Tongrui used oil re-refining system has a comparatively small footprint, generates much of its own fuel from the feedstock being processed and with conversion costs as low as US 10 cents per litre can add up to 3 times the sales value of the oil, once processed. These features combined with the comparatively low investment costs of this type of waste oil re-refining system and the high quality of the output base oils make the WORP from Tongrui an excellent solution for your re-refining needs.

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