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23 февраля 2021 г. 10:06

Supplying Quality Aluminium Plates

As a leading supplier of Aluminium plates, LANREN has simplified the process of sourcing. And with strong supplier partnerships worldwide, direct-to-customer shipping and delivery are assured.


Because of high volume access, LANREN negotiates better terms and more competitive prices for customers large and small. Its not a cookie-cutterapproach, allowing for highly customized orders.


Working with LANREN, customers are assured of high-quality Aluminium products with optimum strength, durability, and performance. Viable solutions are provided for every industrial segment.


Supplying Aluminium Extrusions    

LANREN sources custom Aluminium extrusions from around the world. The key to customer satisfaction is the unique Floor-to-Door logistics a cost-efficient approach allowing customers to reduce their overhead. Stock-and-Release programs are also available, includes warehousing services.


LANREN has established business relationships with leading Aluminium extrusion companies around the world. It means that high-quality products are delivered at the highest international standards. Every supplier meets strict ASTM Standards and preferred suppliers are the ones that are ISO Certified.

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