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9 сентября 2020 г. 13:11

What Is The Role Of The Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant?

The transformer oil regeneration plant regenerates aged transformer oils into like-new conditions fulfilling the required standard. Transformer oil regeneration plants are built with variable capacity and sorbent reactivation capability. Plants are of stationary or mobile design. This machine completely restores dielectric oil to original condition and cleans the solid insulation.

Regeneration is 20% to 50% cheaper than new oil.
Life extension with efficiency boost.
Removal of corrosive sulfur and deterioration products.
No downtime due to online & offline regenerating capabilities.

The transformer oil reclamation plant is suitable for treating transformer oil and it will make it new with the help of reclamation bags and then by heating it and passing it through a specially designed filter and subjecting it to ultra-high vacuum treatment.

It has a reclamation process to improve all the properties and to make it visually new.

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