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4 сентября 2020 г. 13:24


One of the aspects of successful development of each business is the implementation of innovations. We all are searching every day of new resources to obtain more profits. There exist the materials which can be used again and again but because of the shortage of equipment or knowledge we cannot use it on 100%.


how many tons of used oil recycling by oil recycling machine are disposed every year? How many damages do we bring to our environment? Stop throwing out your profit into wastes, start recycling and you will obtain the benefits.


So, how can we obtain the benefit from this type of wastes? Today’s technologies of oil recycling allow restoring almost all used oil recycling machine. We offer you to familiarize with mineral oil regeneration technology.


Regeneration does more than restore the oil to its original, new condition. The cost for the regeneration of 1 ton of oil is less than the cost for new oil. Besides, regenerated or recycled oil can be more effective to compare with new oil.


For the restoration of used oils can be applied to various technological operations which are based on physical, physicochemical and chemical processes. All these methods were created for cleaning oil from different contaminants and aging products.

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