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4 сентября 2020 г. 12:24

Features of Hydraulic Oil Filtration Plant

Features: Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine come fitted with suction filters to take out bigger contaminants and protect the machine pump;These machines come fitted with surface filters installed in series for fast filtration

· Available with a combination of depth filters where only solid contamination needs to be removed;These can purify oil down to NAS 4, from more than NAS 99

· These systems can also remove emulsified water from oils down to less than 50 ppm

Permanent Installation:

· can be installed permanently on a machine without a supply pump.

· Taking oil directly from the machine has many advantages. works as a by-pass oil cleaning unit.

· Permanent cleaning of oil can ensure a NAS Value 4 and below quality hydraulic oil in the power pack at all times since oil is continuously cleaned while the machine is in operation.

· Benefits-Why should these machines be installed permanently on a Hydraulic Power Pack

· For critical applications permanent installation on power packs ensure an oil cleanliness value of NAS 4 at all times. Permanent installation also helps to protect lubricant additives and prevents base oil from degrading.

· This ensures indefinite oil life.

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