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4 сентября 2020 г. 11:55

JT Coalscing Dehydration Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine

Hydrocarbon Filtration System's standard Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine, Oil Reclaimer, and Oil Distillation Systems come with a 304 Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber, a water sump, oil heaters, and piping.


By eliminating the carbon steel in these parts, internal coatings are no longer required— which ultimately gets rid of unsightly staining, chipping and peeling of these expensive coatings. This is very important because when these internal coatings chip off, they become another source of downstream contamination and further hinder your system's overall performance.


To transfer and filter oil from one reservoir to another, we recommend using a Vacuum Oil Purifier. These systems are generally connected to one of the reservoirs and installed into the circulation process.


This process, known as Kidney Loop Filtration, involves fluid being recirculated many times between the reservoir and the purifier. You can think of this process as being very similar to how our kidneys continuously filter blood throughout the body.


With many years of expertise in manufacturing and exporter of high vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration plants and machinery, Yuneng has been progressing well in the business and moving ahead constantly. Ranging from private, public, government and semi-government departments we have supplied over 200 plants all over China since 2000.

We use superior quality of raw material and advanced machinery for the production of our widely acclaimed plants and machinery such as oil impregnation plant, vacuum oven, drying oven and Ultrafiltration System, etc. Capitalizing on our cutting edge technology we are able to offer customization in our comprehensive range.



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