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5 ноября 2019 г. 09:20

Bringing an array of deadly dinosaurs into RuneScape

Bringing an array of deadly dinosaurs into rs gold 2007 RuneScape for the very first time, the game's major summer content update -- The Land Out of Time -- is now available, allowing adventurers to delve right into Gielinor's remote, ancient past.Available to each of RuneScape members, The Land Out of Time sees the introduction of Anachronia, a long-forgotten primordial landmass using its ferocious inhabitants, including Gielinor's own strains of Triceratops, Pterodactyls, and mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.In addition to some fresh island to explore, The Land Out of Time also delivers new activities to masternew creatures to hunt and slay, a base for gamers to build with gathered resources, as well as the longest agility class ever constructed in RuneScape, challenging gamers to traverse the whole perimeter of Anachronia.

The Land Out of Time introduces: Big Game Hunter: High-intensity action featuring the tracking and trapping of dinosaurs. New Slayer monsters to conquer: Defeat new creatures as well as the flora which populate Anachronia. The agility class in RuneScape history! Traverse around the entire landmass and enhance your Agility skill, and speedy travel in fashion. Scale up your base camp, based on the staircase in the ruins of a civilisation, through skilling and source gathering

The Land Out of Time is the latest in several RuneScape updates place to launch during the next year which will discover Gielinor's ancient past, such as new quests and actions. A prologue pursuit, Desperate Times, was released in May, while gamers helped the in-game shipbuilders gather resources to complete a boat seaworthy enough to get to the new landmass, using eight different skills such as Farming, Magic, Smithing, and Crafting, at the recent limited time occasion, hammering the Storm.

Dave Osborne, Lead Designer, RuneScape, stated:"We are really excited that after 11 years that the shipbuilders of Varrock have finally finished their boat and we can set sail to The Land From Time. The launch of today brings new techniques to play RuneScape, not least the deadly cat-and-mouse match with our dinosaurs in Big Game Hunter, and the longest agility course in Gielinor in history, which goes around Anachronia's entire landmass. We can not wait to start showing more of the puzzle surrounding the island over the months ahead!"

Anachronia's island is accessible for buy RuneScape Mobile gold players of all experience levels, with some activities needing different tiers of skill requirements in order to participate. Big Gaming Hunter requires at least level 75 at Hunting, while the Slayer master -- Lanniakea -- needs players to get degree 90 in the Slayer ability until she doles out new cluster tasks to finish.

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