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25 февраля 2022 г. 11:28

The origin of third party paymen...

Third-party payment is a transaction support platform provided by a number of independent third-party institutions that have contracts with domestic and foreign banks and have certain strength and credit guarantees.

The first appearance of third-party payment platform is due to the demand of e-commerce. best third party payment processors E-commerce transactions and electronic payments are inseparable, while the traditional bank payment method only has the function of binding and supervising the transfer of funds between the two parties.

In addition, the payment method is relatively single, the two sides can only transfer or transfer transactions through the designated bank interface, basically all in the way of payment to delivery.

In the whole transaction process, the quality of goods, transaction integrity, and return requirements cannot be reliably guaranteed, and there is also transaction fraud. As a result, third-party payment platforms have emerged.

Many users who want to complete online payments through third-party mobile payments have a high threshold for signing up for third-party payment channels, which requires the use of third-party payment channel visa-free payment platform systems.

What kind of third-party visa-free system is safe work reliable and stable?

The main function accomplished by the third-party visa-free system is to provide a payment interface to allow users to display your payment code in your business system in a technical way to achieve visa-free payment function.

All involve funds escrow settlement, payment FM system functions. fm is not management funds, not settlement funds, using professional technology to provide payment interface, and business system docking, automatic callback to complete the payment process.

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