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15 декабря 2021 г. 11:51

What should be paid attention to...

Buying a house is a major event. In the face loan prices, they either reluctantly start or continue to wait and see. However, except for those who are able to purchase the real estate in full, most home buyers choose to purchase a house from a mortgage loan company. But buying a house with mortgage is risky. What should be paid attention to for personal development housing construction loans? How to effectively prevent legal environmental risk management

How to prevent risks?

First, the developer is required to write the exact time for obtaining the ownership certificate of the house in the contract. If the property certificate cannot be obtained at the expiration date, the buyer has the right to check out, or the buyer cannot obtain the property certificate after the expiry date. According to a certain degree of proportion and payment of liquidated damages.

If the developer agrees to obtain the house and ownership certificate within two years from the date of completion and delivery of the house, and write it in the contract, the buyer’s risk management may be reduced.

If the developer disagrees for two years, but within three or four years from the date of completion and delivery of the house, then the project is too risky. This is because according to the normal development procedure, the house ownership certificate should be obtained about one year from the date of completion and delivery of the house, and no more than two years at most.

If it exceeds two years, it may be that the developer does not have enough funds to pay all the land transfer fees, and is unable to pay later, or the project itself is illegal and it will never be possible to obtain a housing ownership certificate.

Second, whether the provident fund loan or commercial bank loan company can be used successfully to examine the risk of development and construction projects.

When negotiating the contract, we require the developer to promise in the contract that if the developer cannot fail to obtain a provident fund loan or commercial credit loan because of the developer’s main analysis, the buyer has the right to check out and refund. Because the Bank of China has stricter review of provident fund loans, developers are required to provide a legal "five certificates."

If the development and construction project is carried out illegally, or lack of "five certificates", the bank will not lend.

If the commercial loan cannot be obtained because of the developer's reasons, it proves that the Bank of China is not optimistic about this project, or the bank has helped us to pass the review of this project in advance to manage the financial risks that already existed.

Third, if it is a pre-sale activity project and the developer refuses to provide the original product pre-sale license, the contract should indicate that the developer should go to the relevant department of the real estate company’s management within one month at the latest. Sales registration, otherwise the buyer has the right to request a refund and check out.

If the developer does not agree to this agreement, there may be some shortcomings in the project management, it may be that none of the developers has not obtained the pre-sale license for the research purpose at all, or other other main reasons.

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