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26 августа 2021 г. 16:05

Dry skin like desert skin? Revea...

Skin hydration can not fill in is a very troubling thing, originally every day is in the hydration, but there is no actual effect, but the skin is getting worse. Is it that the hydration method is not used correctly?


What's wrong with skin hydration?

Thin and dry stratum corneum

The thin and dry stratum corneum will also block the digestion and absorption of skin care products. This time, you can use the more permeable, more comfortable moisturizer, essence skin care products, open the skin safety channel, for the subsequent skin care products nutrients lead the way. The thin stratum corneum is not dry and irritable, and it will be easier to hydrate the skin.


Merchandise hydration power is not enough

This has to do with what ingredients you choose for the goods. The same is true for hydrating hyaluronic acid, but there is also a difference between "biomacromolecular hyaluronic acid original" and "small molecule water hyaluronic acid original". The actual fact is that the actual product is not only a good deal more than the actual product, but also a good deal more than the actual product. In contrast, the small molecule water hyaluronic acid original solution can casually enter the muscle base liquid, flush the skin body cells, reasonable for the skin to fill the water.


Ignore the skin's natural barrier repair

If the selected equipment is sufficient to hydrate and moisturize, skin care techniques are not a problem, why or why not reasonable moisturizing and hydrating? The answer depends on the "perfection of the skin's natural barrier".

The thin stratum corneum is the first line of defense for the skin to reach the outside and acts as the skin's natural barrier. If the skin barrier is damaged, the skin's water retention power generation is reduced, the water outflow is too fast, then the hydration and moisturizing work is certainly half-hearted, very laborious. The most important thing to do is to repair the damaged natural skin barrier in order to hydrate and moisturize the skin.

How to hydrate your skin quickly

1. drinking water is very important, daily consumption of 6-8 a glass of water, in the case of drinking water does not have to wait until thirsty, until feeling thirsty and then drinking water indicates that the body has long been dry at the moment, to drink less drink soda, drink a lot of drinks are not good for itself.

2. Sleep quality must be adequate, high-quality sleep quality can be considered a key to ensure good skin, if the rest is not good, the face will be very unattractive, the night can not often often stay up late, a long time to stay up their own skin is not good where to go.

3. hydration mask must be used, hydration mask hydration or very fast, if the face less water is very serious words to pick hydration mask hydration, naturally, but also according to their own skin type to pick hydration mask, so our skin will be better.

4. moisturizing cream is also to use, even if the hydration to do and then good moisturizing is also wasted, like a bottle of water not covered top cover words water will also be evaporated, so we must apply moisturizing cream after hydration, in the case of adoption can not apply too much.

5. can hand in advance to prepare a bottle of sprayer, for reducing the dry skin problems have greater assistance, if the face of the sprayer can not be fully digested and absorbed words must be wiped down, otherwise everyone's face will look more dry and manic.

What are the benefits of hydrating the skin?

1. Prevent skin dryness

Dry and irritable skin can cause immediate or indirect skin problems, such as dull skin, unsmooth, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin allergies and acne. Carry out hydration and moisturizing hydration skin care work can reduce the problem skin dryness, can use skin care products in the hydration and moisturizing ingredients to help the skin to resist external irritation, in short, a lot of skin water outflow, slow down the rate of evaporation of water share, to maintain the skin nourishing comfortable situation.

2. maintain the skin stratum corneum

Different skin types of skin sensitive skin thin and thick, to keep the skin moisture and nutrients are not easy to outflow, must have a physically and mentally healthy stratum corneum thin, and maintain the moisture of the skin to build a good foundation of physically and mentally healthy stratum corneum. The frequent application of daily gauze facial exfoliation or skincare techniques are very likely to cause damage to the stratum corneum, so moisturizing and nourishing is a key response to maintain the stratum corneum.

3. Maintain the water-oil balance

Keeping the skin's water and oil condition is one of the signs of healthy skin. Skin water and oil imbalance face pore size, acne and a series of problems skin will continue to occur. Therefore, to maintain a water-oil balance to the skin, relative to the oil-soluble skin to improve oil control and hydration and hydration maintenance work, dry skin to pay great attention to oil and hydration and other multi-effect medical care work.

4. Resist aging

What are the advantages of hydration and moisturizing for the skin? The effect of hydration and moisturizing on skin maintenance is very common, not only to avoid skin dryness, acne, skin dull yellow not smooth and other problems skin occurrence, but also to assist the skin anti-aging anti-wrinkle wrinkles. Therefore , daily must be good hydration and moisturizing skin care work in the application of the right type of skin hydration and moisturizing hydration products, to maintain the skin nourishing situation on the maintenance of the best skin.

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