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13 февраля 2020 г. 09:40

7th Generation iPod Nano Specs and Hardware Explained

The 7th Generation iPod Nano is not only differed in the appearance it has but also changed in many other features from the 6th Generation model. The 2.5-inch screen and size of the 7th Generation iPod nano are much larger and more prominent, and the inclusion of a Home button is making it more innovative as the feature appeared only in the iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. The latest nano hardware has also lightening connector and can be considered as the best choice for those users who want to enjoy it in a limited budget. The users can guess about the newly made changes in the hardware of the 7th generation device just by looking at it.

Since the 7th generation, iPod Nano hardware has been launched with a lot of innovations, and it becomes necessary for the users to get into the details. If the users wanted to know everything about the newly introduced features and functions of the 7th generation iPod nano hardware, then the below-given information is useful for them: -

1. Introducing Home Button

Home button added in the 7th generation iPod nano will help you to go back to the home screen while browsing through the different apps. The users can use the button to restart the 7th generation iPod nano also, and it is the first model that has a home button of iPhone style.

2. About Hold button

Hold button appears at the edge of the top right of the 7th generation iPod nano and could be used to lock and unlock the screen of nano. The users can turn off or on the screen quickly while holding down the button. The users can also use the hold button to restart the nano if it is not responding.

3. Use of Lightening  Dock Connector

The users can use the lightning dock connector to plug in the lightning cable and can sync the nano across the various other accessories such as car stereo adapters or speaker docks. It becomes effortless to synchronize the multiple networks with the device which was not available in the previous generations of iPod.

4. Volume Buttons

The volume buttons which are three in number can be used by the users to control the volume or sound of the music or audio they are playing through the headphones. The users can utilize the top button for raising the volume whereas the bottom button could be used to lowering the sound, and amidst the two buttons spreading a little apart exists the third button.

5. Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack is provided to you to plug in the headphones if the users want to listen to the music or videos, and it is available on the bottom left of the hardware device. The users should know that plugging into the jack of headphone is the only option as the hardware is introduced with a built-in speaker.

6. Pause and Play Button

The existence of the pause and the play button is between the buttons of volume up and down and can be used to control the playing of music or audio.

The internal features of 7th Generation iPod Nano

The people can't see some features which are made internally, but the users should know about the features which include: -

Bluetooth:  This wireless option of networking helps the people in streaming the music to headphones, car stereo adapters and speakers which are Bluetooth enabled. It is introducing by the 7th generation nano first time.

Nike +:  The users can track the works they have done with the use of a receiver, a device or an app with the help of this system. The users can even keep a record of their exercises with the Nike + and pedometer.

Source: -https: //devinsmith007.wordpress.com/2020/02/13/7th-generation-ipod-nano-specs-and-hardware-explained/

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