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10 февраля 2020 г. 10:52

You Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Story & Every Detail

The TV show You based on Joe Goldberg, the psychotic serial killer firstly aired in September 2018. The show has attracted a certain amount of audience on the home network within the 2 months it streamed on Netflix. This becomes the great move for the show as to attract 43 million subscribers on a streaming service who have watched the entire season. The 2nd season was created as the Netflix originals, and it displays as the exclusive show to increase the audiences. The first month of the release, more than 54 million viewers have seen at least 2 minutes of the 2nd season of the show. Now that the second season has ended, you may wonder “will there be a season 3 of You?” Well here is every detail you need to know.

Season 3

As the 2nd season of the series premiered in December 2019 on Netflix, it took only a month to get the official news that there be another season of the show. Planning of 2021 You are going to release 10 episodes continuing the story of the last season and presenting the fans with a bunch of contents to look further. As the first season happened in New York city, the other one shifted to LA as Joe decides to the left the town where he committed crimes that never let him sleep. Currently, it is not clear whether the third season is going to continue in the same city or it will shift to a completely different location. Obviously going back to the NYC is not out of a question. Thus fans have to wait to see what turns will it take in season 3.

What's the Series Is All About

You is based on the novel of Caroline Kepnes of the same name, is the psychotic thriller that revolves around the Joe, who is a bookstore manager with the obsessive delusion condition. When he first saw Guinevere Beck, who is an amazing writer, he fell in love with her, but probably in an obsessed way. After stealing her number, he started stalking her on social media to follow her each move. They started dating, but she has to pay a great price for it as Joe started avoiding or eliminating people who come between in their relationship. Illustrating the creepy which can come from stalking people to abusing social media, You highlights the topic as to how any unknown person can become creepy and harm the victim of psychotic.

Characters in Season 3

Based on how the second season ended, it's obvious to expect in addition to Joe's character; Love Quinn is going to play the main character in the upcoming season. This happens till Joe decided to eliminate her from his life. As audiences can view the John Stamos role as Dr Nicky is in prison on the event of the second season. He still is essential for the necessary plot of the show. As he has the complete idea of ​​his negative and criminal doing, but he even doesn't know about his real identity. Though Joe is responsible for the imprisonment, Dr Nicky does not seems as to take the revenge yet. This force the audiences to wonder what his role is going to play in the next part. And another one is Will who is the real friend of Joe. Will can play the exact role as Joe if offered.

See you around

Though this can creepy considering the entire imply as social media can utilize to stalk people, You is a type of show that can be easily binge. And all the credit goes to an amazing act of Penn Badgley who is playing the character of a serial killer, of which fans can't get over the thrilling adventure of You.

Source: - https://devinsmith007.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/you-season-3-release-date-cast-story-every-detail/

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