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6 февраля 2020 г. 13:03

How to Use AirPods with Android Phones (Galaxy, Pixel & More)

Apple devise and products are liked by the user because they always provide new attractive features for its user. We all know about Apple products and here we are specifically talking about Apple AirPods. It is one of the best wireless earbuds that is connected to the iPhone as well as Android phones. Yes, if you are an Android user, then you can use it with your Android phones. With few steps, you can attach your AirPods with your Android phones. People like AirPods because of its features like small in size, good battery backup, and has noise cancelation features.

It is easy to connect with Apple devices like iPhone and iPad, but if you are using Android you need to take a few steps to link your AirPod with your Android phones. It works well with Android phones and also has a playback control. You can also download an application on your phone to see the battery life of the AirPod like Apple device iPhone and iPad.

Attach AirPod With Android Phones

Apple user doesn't need to attach AirPod conventional method if you connect your device with iPhone once. It can automatically attach to your device when you turn on the AirPod or iPhone Bluetooth. To attach in Android phone, you need to use tired-and-appear features to attach your device with AirPod via Bluetooth.

Here are the steps to follow: -

  1. Down your quick panel notification bar on your phone screen, Long tap on the Bluetooth option that shows on the top row.
  2. Android phone has two names for the same features like Add new device and Pair New device, so select one of them on your phones that is depending on your Android phones.
  3. Open the cable from the AirPod from its charging points.
  4. You see a button on the backside of AirPod. Click and hold on until the lighting indicator turn blinking.
  5. Now you can see your phone, your Android Phone popup, a pairing option, where you find AirPod option Hit on the icon on your phone.

Now you can use AirPod in your phones as like you are using any Bluetooth earbuds or Headphones. Whenever you put AirPod in the case, it will automatically disconnect with your phones. If you are setting in your phone to auto-connecting, then it is automatically connected with your phones whenever you out from its case.

If your phone has charging reverse features then you can charge it and use like Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. It can also charge with Apple lighting cables and wireless charges.

The lacking features

If you have an AirPod or you are not using with Apple device like iPhone and iPad device, it means you are not using its all features.

You can listen to all the sound, games, music, and calling on your device in AirPod. However, you face some problems like controlling playback features noise cancelation, etc.

You can install a third-party application on your phone to view the battery level of AirPod on your phones. It is our suggestion you can install AirBattery to check your battery level. On my behalf, it has not any problems while running this application on the device, and it is free for the user.

Source: -https: //devinsmith007.wordpress.com/2020/02/06/how-to-use-airpods-with-android-phones-galaxy-pixel-more/

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