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27 января  2020 г. 14:27

How to Activate Paid Version of AVG Cleaner on Android?


Activation of AVG products are commonly activated at www.avg.com/retail webpage, and then one can install avg with license number on any of device. AVG Cleaner is the product for Android mobiles which improves device performance by removing junk files and optimize the data. One can get the app either from avg.com/retail (if you have activation code) or from www.avg.com/activate (download without activation code). Otherwise, the Google Play Store can help you to get the AVG cleaner. Before you go for activation, check the installation steps of AVG cleaner further. 


Download and Install AVG Cleaner

There are some of official AVG URL/page available to  install avg with license number such as www.avg.com/retail or www.avg.com/activate etc. To get AVG cleaner on your android follow below process;

  • Open the Google Play Store.

  • Search for AVG Cleaner.

  • It will show “AVG Cleaner - Speed, Battery & Memory Booster”, click on the install button.

  • Allow permission by clicking on the Accept button.

  • Open the app, and tap Get started, then choose “Continue With Ads” or “Upgrade Now”.


Activate AVG Cleaner

On the successful installation of AVG cleaner from avg.com/retail or Google Play Store, you can activate the app with some of below method;


Activation at Google Play Store –

1.     Check your Google account and ensure that you are logged in with same avg download Cleaner purchasing Google account.

2.     On your android screen, open AVG cleaner app.

3.     Go to Menu (three lines) showing on top.

4.     Now, tap on Remove ads and select Menu (three dots).

5.     Tap on Restore license.

6.     It will automatically retrieve the AVG Cleaner subscription.


Activation using AVG Account –

For this method creating AVG account is essential. If you have no AVG account, then you must create one from avg.com/retail. If you have already created the AVG login account, then follow the below steps;

1.     Open AVG cleaner app on your android.

2.     Go to Menu (three lines) showing on top.

3.     Tap on AVG Account.

4.     Tap the “Login With Email” tab.

5.     Here, enter AVG login details.

6.     Click on Login To AVG Account tab.

7.     It will connect the account and will automatically activate the app.


Activation Using Activation Code –

If you have purchased the activation key from the retail store or online, then you can activate the AVG cleaner using the key. Follow below;

1.     Open AVG cleaner.

2.     Go to Menu (three lines) showing on top.

3.     Then, tap on Remove Ads.

4.     Select Menu (three dots).

5.     Tap on Enter activation code tab.

6.     Next, paste or type the AVG activation code.

7.     Tap on Confirm button.

8.     Now, close the window, AVG cleaner is successfully activated.

One can also, reactivate the app using unlinking old subscription to the app and again linking to it.


Allen Walker  is a self-professed security expert, He is expertise in making people aware of the security threats. His Passion is to write about, cryptography, malware,Cyber security social engineering, internet. He writes for Avg  products www.avg.com/retail and avg.com/retail

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