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17 января  2020 г. 14:14, Морокко Смотреть на карте

Marrakech Desert Tourts

Marrakech Tripper invites you to experience unforgettable experiences and discover a magnificent Morocco. We are going to explore the vibrant rich sunny landscapes and fascinating Moroccan culture (Berbers, Saharian) of several cities. Add offbeat attractions, choose local cuisines, add local activities, plan local shopping you will have a pleasant experience and you see a cultural with artisanal variety of the country and create beautiful unforgettable memories, Morocco has so much richness that will stay with you forever. Experience the mind-boggling self-drive Quad biking across the rough desert with wonderful palm forest, with a break at a Berber house to taste fascinating mint tea and tasty Moroccan crepes. Discover the surreal historic monuments like Dar El Bacha, The Bahia Place, Dar SI said Museum with well-trained guides and soothing refreshments. Since you are exploring the sunny desserts of Marrakech a fascinating humpy camel ride is mandatory within the palm grove which is far more memorable than a car or taxi ride.

Are you prepared for a surreal trip to Marrakech?

We offer amazingly pocket-friendly prices which will benefit you in exploring a chance to discover the hidden treasures of Marrakech. We want you to enjoy this desert tours in Marrakech with us.


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