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21 декабря 2020 г. 11:36

Google’s Patent Stirs Speculation for a New Fitness Tracker

What if the world stands on the perfect speculations? It stands taller and stronger. But, we are normal humans and not like Professor Albus Dumbledore, the saint who predicted every minute thing to protect Harry Potter from evil and crafted the opportune moment to kill Voldemort. However, some speculations come anyhow from the instincts after seeing some actions in the recent past. And, Google has allowed its users to expect that it may come up with a fitness tracker soon. Recently, Google has received a patent for its fitness band design. 91Mobiles spotted this filing and spread the news into the public domain.

What are Fitness Band Trackers?

A fitness band tracker is a type of wearable electronic device that contains a set of sensors that monitors the health-related events of the body. These sensors measure the sleeping pattern, heartbeat rate, the number of steps walked, distance traveled by running, etc. These wearable sensors find their applications in medical sciences, sports, and security. They can identify any abnormal and unforeseen situations and alert the user accordingly. Hence, the wearable sensors show vigilance to let the user know about the medical profile and current status. It has helped to bring large transformations in healthcare. So, one can say that these fitness band trackers are the core component of the e-health industry that uses state-of-the-art IoT devices.

Advantages of using Fitness Band Trackers

  • Accountability of the data by displaying figures on a real-time basis.
  • Setting goals as per the capacity of the user.
  • Health score to motivate the user.
  • Let the user build healthy habits daily.
  • Prolonged battery life and fast charging of the device.
  • Data sharing activity to create competitiveness.
  • Offer storage capacity to store information for further performance analysis.
  • Non-invasive, light-weight, and are available at affordable prices.
  • May sometimes avoid hospitalization due to the preventive caution.

What is Google doing?

Google has filed a patent for a fitness band without a dial for certification from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Google had also tried to acquire the reputed wearable electronics firm Fitbit for a $ 2.1 billion last year. However, this acquisition by Google is under the scrutiny of the Justice Department. Hence, some are seeing this patent as a backup if the Justice Department blocks the Google-Fitbit deal. With this, Google would set its IP and move ahead to bring its fitness band tracker. But, no one can correctly predict anything about what Google is up to and what Google will do for the time being.

Fitness Tracker Design Patent

According to the patent, the sensors present in the fitness tracker can monitor the health and physical activities. It resembles Amazon Halo, ie, there will be no screen. Hence, it is going to use smartphones, where the user has to download a mobile application related to the fitness band tracker to see the stats and figures. But, the patent nowhere suggests that Google will build an app or make use of Google voice assistance to share details of the user's activity. The fitness band tracker's front side is plain, whereas the rear side has ridges that act as a lock to keep the band in its place throughout the length. There is a battery present in the tracker that powers the band, assembled with other sensors. Google is using the magnetic pogo connector as a standard charging technology.


The competition will rise if Google comes up with fitness tracking devices. It is for sure that Google will not compromise with the quality and develop products that can combat Apple, Amazon, etc. But, as of now, one cannot say anything about the time when Google will showcase the health monitoring wearable gadget. A mere patent is not the assurance, and it may take a lot of time to come up with the real product.


Source url: - https://activatelivesafe.a6activate.co.uk/googles-patent-stirs-speculation-for-a-new-fitness-tracker/

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